WFW – Day 3 . Some like it Hot , Most are idiots

Posted: February 6, 2019 in Travel

The weather has cleared to a cool clear day and thus faced with second scariest task on solo travel – the first use of Public Transport. Most scariest of course is first use of washing machine! First up plan is to catch ferry to Coronado to see the famous Hotel Del Coronado of movie fame and then loiter around for some other attractions. At least two main points of interest that linger in memory of a young boy……

Stop for requisite Cortado on way of course and then gaze in awe once more at USS Midway in morning glory. The ferry before 9 am is free which is a great service and again simply stunning views all around the waterfront. The similarities to a similar trip from San Fran wharf to Alcatraz come to mind but hope I am not locked up this time

Once on Coronado thought would use my Compass day pass and catch the 904 local bus. Ah no, doesn’t start until 0930 Tourist Clown and not wasting any of this glorious weather. Time for Uber which sadly had to come from SD but still at the hotel 20 minutes later. What a stunning place and a superb beach out front as well. Strangely no yachts in the harbour either

Then caught the local 904 bus back down to the Ferry Landing area but more specifically the Coronado Brewery 🤓 It was after 10 am after all. If buses can run I can drink ok. Quite peckish after a light breakfast so basically had to go with burger so lets call it an early lunch. Only ate 13 fries honest

Was keen to travel over the famous bridge that is quite high and scares some people . Probably the same idiots that like it hot. Now I knew I needed the 901 and bus stop was on Orange and 3rd. Given how well first few days went I just assumed the fact it arrived 7 mins early was another knob kiss. Ah no. By the time the Hotel loomed on horizon I fronted up and asked driver “Is there any chance I am going the wrong way and not ending up in downtown SD” “Well, yes and no sir. You will end up there but in about 90 mins u idiot. You wanted the bus stop across the street back at Orange and 3rd” . Thanks Chauncey I will get off here now . Hello Uber? $11US and I was back in apartment in 15 minutes although how he parked in living room I will never know 🤠 I see a lot of Uber in immediate future.

Time to chill for a little bit and a quick FaceTime with CLP and plan out afternoon. I have an active day pass that cost $5 and don’t want to waste it. That’s almost another beer after all. Let’s see this park they named after Rocky. Odd, thought he was from Philly ? Bit of a walk and then a bus had me at Balboa Park entrance lickety split. What a massive park it is. A cut lunch had me at the first “museum” which was tres impressive. Was keen to climb to top of tower if only to finally let my hair down in SD but you had to join a guided tour that went for 40 mins. Pass. So walked around the area and crumple my sheets if I didn’t stumble across a craft brewery outlet near the 17th museum. I decided to give the zoo a miss as, although am sure it is great, have seen enough zoos this decade. Time to catch a different bus home and a slight detour on walk home to pick up dinner

So another great day in SD with simply glorious weather . Just about ticked off main tourist attractions , and certainly most of the population, apart from Golf Course which will do tomorrow. A bit of planning then required to explore some more neighbourhoods and also have two tours lined up mostly involving drink, walk, drink, eat, drink. Luckily there is a day in between

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