WFW Day 2 – Segway to Sloshville ?

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Travel

Remember the 1970s, that time of innocence when you could believe what you were told . Sadly, another myth shattered

It’s a gloomy day only brightened by the enthusiasm of the weather presenters on Good Morning San Diego! To be fair they probably don’t get to slosh around in puddles much in SoCal. Well at least back in 1972…..

Now little optimist moi shan’t be deterred (speaking of which I am now , thanks to all the fruit I ate yesterday – ya with me 🤠). As a noted Seinfeld man I always hark back to the Even Steven episode. Was very lucky yesterday with the flying caper so saw two attractions had pencilled in this morning. Just as well really. Only concern now is Segway planned at 2pm. Always use this in a new city early on to get lay of land . Mind you after walking 5 kms yesterday I would suggest it is flat

San Diego, like San Fran, does seem to have a significant homeless problem made more distressing I imagine by the lousy weather. The waterfront area and convention centre seems a lovely area but not far away is the less salubrious Gaslamp district and I am a bit piggy in the middle. Speaking of which, time to check out the local cafe scene. I assume there are some nearby . Hard to see at 6 am in the dark and rain. And to think, I even packed my dick stickers for this first week . Damn, have to work on my sickenly positive outlook on life . My Accuweather forecast says break in the rain in 11 mins for 3 mins 27 s and when was the last time they were wrong. Ah yeah, in 11 mins time. Fair call

So turns out about a 3 min walk to Cafe 22 and now I remember I am in the US – massive meals and lousy coffee. Staff were great though. Then it was time to walk the streets for a while as weather not too bad at all. Also an opportunity to catch up with some old girlfriends….

Now to walk that off. Great walking city with wide streets and wide footpaths. Makes you wonder why so many wide women? Ah yes of course the massive meals duh. Headed in general direction of waterfront with a detour via Conference Centre and Petco Park. Man, that conference place is enormous. May book that for the next Fans of Flash annual shindig.

Of course by now I was thinking of going back for the dick stickers as rather warm and bright and here am I in wet weather gear and no sunglasses! It’s a great marina and very strong Mexican influence in many buildings . Very pleasant walk and before you knew it I was back at the USS Midway. Does that I mean it was going to take me as long to walk back …… here all week try the tacos.

Time to head back sadly as ankle was giving me grief now but not sure why. Oh yeah thats right

On way back found a great coffee place that serves Cortado and also a massive supermarket all within easy limping distance. Rest of week sorted , knobber knobber

Back home now for a couple of hours before Segway to see if can get the swelling down. To be fair, I probably should rest the ankle as well eh.

I know I went to Sunday School a few times as a youngun but someone on high is certainly looking after me so far on this holiday but doubt it’s Old Whiskers. The weather cleared for Segway and was only one on it. Um, I mean tour not the actual Segway itself which of course is a one man ride 😏 And it pissed down 5 minutes after returned to store. As suspected SD is perfectly suited to Segway and was a smooth ride around downtown. To be truthful had seen many of the areas already but there was some good history thrown in. SD is scooter crazy with same Lime ones as Brisveags uses but about 2000 more on streets . They are everywhere and likely hurt the Segway trade. There was even a Golf conference on in town so can now claim whole trip on tax. Oh, thats right I don’t pay any. Carry on.

So, another full day and already seen so much in just over 24 hrs. Plans for next couple of days will depend on weather but forecast is looking good. Really? Did I just put faith in a weather forecast. I need a beer.

Hey there’s one. Later dudes and dudettes

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