WFW – Day 1.5. Top Gun

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Travel

When last we left our hero he was heading off to mix briefly with the GU fully expecting to be disappointed and trudging back to Admirals Club for several hours. Flight was at 0940 so thought would wander down early around 0830 to get lay of Gate 52 G at LAX. Just as well. The 52 alphabet terminals may well be closer to SD than LA and require a shuttle from main terminal and this was not an efficient process. Not surprisingly big planes take precedence and so had the odd prospect of 3 shuttles ready to pick up the almost 100 passengers now but keep about 30 m away because one plane was still at gate! Finally got on board one and after literally crossing up and down in front of oncoming planes we got there ! It was about 0910 now and the plane was actually boarding. Is that a green tick against FerD I see on the monitor? Sweet. Not only did I get on early flight but got a bulkhead seat with great legroom. It is literally only 20-25 min flight but actually getting out of LAX makes it closer to an hour. Arrived in SD just after 10:15 and then bag was first off and taxi waiting. Got to unit just after 10:45 and thus had gained almost half a day really. I tell ya some times it seems like always bent over the bonnet and then there are those days when the pants are around the ankles with bed flute pointing north and getting plenty of attention 🤠 Of course a bit Shaggis O’Murphy by now but with worse weather on way for next 36 hrs time to get out and about

The unit looks great and in a quiet area even though near to Gaslamp District. Showers were coming and going but first chore always is get that AT&T sim for next few weeks. Works very well and makes it very easy to check in out and about

Research had shown that Kansas City BBQ was a filming location for Top Gun and was close to USS Midway museum to boot. In fact San Diego was used for several scenes from movie. It’s cheesy sure but these are the quirks you look for in cities . I had a beer to be sociable only honest

A short 5 min walk, admittedly in rather heavy rain, had me saying well hello sailor rather quickly. What an impressive sight indeed, especially the flight deck. It is simply massive and dominates the area around Navy Pier and the Embarcadero. Of course the real joy on days like this are the extras you find like the Unconditional Surrender Statue and Bob Hope Memorial

So on what was lining up mostly as a long day of flying and sitting around airports ended with 2 memorable highlights already and haven’t been here a whole day yet .

And of course always drawn to the quirk that amuses moi on way home. They had me at Pussy Playpen. Then the penny dropped….

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