WFW – Day 1

Posted: February 4, 2019 in Travel

And the day before to be honest but realistically first day covers about 43 hrs so what is another 24 between friends

So day before departure travelled down to Brisvegas from Flashman HQ Sunshine Coast to see Ferguson Matriach and then onto first birthday party for the booteeful Eloise . Filled in day nicely before decamping at Novotel Brisbane Airport for last night at under 100 kg . Apparently. CLP is along for ride at present so any last minute washing and ironing is covered. She is heading off for a week at Straddie as well. I don’t understand how some people can afford a holiday like that every year . Had a quick look at DFO which I only NOW realise does not stand for David Ferguson Outlet. Still able to get a new pair of quality Brooks shoes to take away if no signed images of the famous one.

In case you were wondering about the smile and the beer was notified earlier of a business class upgrade ( points) for long haul to LAX. 🍆👄 Devoted followers would know that this is first time on the Dreamliner and of course Premium Economy is base level entry now for reduntirees. However the PE on Qantas does not get great reviews from a leg room point of view whereas BC is uniformly well regarded. As a last day upgrade to get the bassinet position so should at least get a good sleep and just hope Hostie remembers to burp me before putting me down for sleepy byes byes. Really don’t know if any impact really (unlikely) but i reserve the right to whine later just in case. Right at the pointy end of plane, if any further forward would be wearing a cap and epaulettes.

So out early of course and left the batmobile in long term parking for month and proceeded to check in a mere 5 hrs before departure. Or not, doesn’t open until 4 hrs as you have to talk to security . Ok so had some breakfast and then CLP and I went our separate ways but first she did have to go to the ladies to dry her eyes. Simple enough check in and “express” security lane had me bar adjacent by about 7:45 . And the bar was open………later from LAX dudes.

Good flight and of course arrived on time having cancelled my earlier flight to SD with only the 3 hr window. Food was excellent as was service and comfort. At end of day it is still 13 hrs but this is probably as good as it gets excluding first class of course

Customs is still a nightmare but really seems slower than actually is and still terminal adjacent just after 7:15 pm. I asked for any earlier flights and am on standby for my original 09:40 flight but don’t like my chances 😏 . On the glass half full front was surprised that Qantas Club still gets you into Admirals Lounge. My research had said otherwise. It’s not the greatest lounge by any means and always crowded but the beer is cold and free. Still rather full after food on flight so imagine will have a brew and then go down and see how this Standby caper works and fails and then return to AC for a more serious go as will then have a few hrs to fill in. Meanwhile

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