WFW – The Day Trips

Posted: January 30, 2019 in Travel

One of the best ways to see more of USA each time is a day trip from the main city you have decamped in. This has worked well in past with trips to Salem, Fort Worth, Philly etc. Not all the same day natch 🙂 In some cases , like with Baltimore, a day trip one visit has led to a full week stay on subsequent visit. Of course as each trip passes the main cities have been seen and day trips become more limited from less populated areas. As is case this year

First up is San Diego. A day trip into Tijuana appealed initially but knowing my luck I would get an ugly donkey. The most popular google search for Tijuana also includes “safety” as well so when you throw in have to cross the border, either legally or through randomly placed slats, the appeal dims. Will just grab a bottle of Tequila and watch the AT&T Pro Am from Pebble on TV instead that weekend. Plenty to do in SD really anyway. Of course I do have a kinda day trip to LA, or LAX surrounds to be fair . Have done LA before and dont really want to go anywhere near Hollywood again after last visit. People kept throwing Nespresso Pods at me which was confusing until I realised they thought I was Clooney, G. So after speaking to Sheryl Crow ( I am an Instagram influenza A) I came around to her kinda thinking.

The Yanks do seem to love their Ubers these days but there is the Rapid 3 bus from near hotel which takes me down to Santa Monica in about 40 mins, traffic not withstanding. Mind you, better not still be there when the sun does come up over Santa Monica Blvd or could be in a bit of bother for NYC flight. For $1.25 each way, officially interested. I think that is about $7.50 AUD 😦 On a side note, and a little tease for devoted followers, CLP and I are in initial stages of planning our Africa Soujourn for 2020 – Call Me Bwana The deposit for this trip requires sending plenty $US to a Hong Kong Bank. Not only are you bent over bonnett with chili on stick but then they spray mace in your eyes at the HK end! Not as if all Hope is lost I guess

Next stop is NYC of course and previously done day trips to the main cities nearby. This time thinking of Atlantic City but could be a gamble in winter……. It is a rather long and boring bus ride actually but the boardwalk does appeal especially when not crowded. Put chances at 50:50 for now and will just depend on how week pans out. By then the Govt probably closed down again and all the TSA workers will be in the casinos trying to get money for food. May just opt to spend more time exploring New Jersey as have been rewatching Sopranos lately but already done “The Tour” last trip.

Finally we get to Baltimore and appears options limited. Looking at Annapolis so I can finally be Up Where I Belong ? Once again its a bus ride but shorter than the AC one and less to do in Baltimore than NYC after all. I would say 80:20 chance at present. Apart from men in uniform can get my fill of crab cakes and look at boats. Once again on Instagram asked Gere, R what was the best take away u can get there but think he misunderstood….

Getting close now and just a matter of days until Qantas contact me to say I have been upgraded to BC for free. Or not. As Gloria Gaynor said though I Will Survive. Maybe more appropriately when it comes to USA simply

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