Ireland Fling Day 2 – Books and Booze

Posted: February 17, 2018 in Travel

Not a bad nights sleep considering the previous 36 hrs. It is a quite area and a warm unit so about as good as can be expected in a place far far away. Of course body still can’t work out whether it really should still be dark outside so about 4 am was it for me. Not sure when daylight dawns here but thinking the jammies will stay on for a couple more hours. Update : Sunrise 7:40 am – my body shall remain confused for longer than really safe methinks. I may need to purchase a foghorn to wake CLP up of course . Now the body just has to remember what to do with all the food and drink from last 36 hrs. Ya with me 😏

A leisurely day to be sure with a booked tour of the Book of Kells at 10:30 and then the Irish Music Pub Tour at 7 pm tonight . Better make it a quiet drinking day then. I tell ya, I crack myself up sometimes ….. Weather forecast is promising . As in we promise , we don’t know what it will do either but don’t we make lovely maps. Have resurrected Accuweather for this trip or “Star Trek” as I call it because it goes where no man has gone before . As in “ there will be 2.5 mm of rain in 27 mins lasting 3.6 mins” Or not . Good start mind you

With sunrise threatening it was time to head off for some breakfast , grab some Leap cards, a phone Sim and some statue photos before presenting at Trinity College for a book read. Hope there are plenty of pictures. Started with a simple breakfast at Pantry nearby and greeted by friendly and helpful hosts. Amazing to see popele drinking beer in Molloys Pub at 730 am . It was a simply glorious morning as then made our way to The Spire and then onto St Stephens Green

We then did the Book of Kells tour including the stunning Long Room at Trinity College and then onto the nearby Little Museum of Dublin. Both well worth a visit with the latter chockas of interesting memorabilia and a U2 room. We even did the 30 min tour with Mrs Brown

A short detour to an Oscar Wilde statue and then our first beer of the day across the road at , strangely enough, Oscars. As still a glorious day headed towards the Temple Bar area for lunch but it was getting crowded by now so time to wander back home across a couple of the several bridges before a short detour to see the Jeannie Johnston ship at dock. Time to rest for a couple of hours before tonight’s musical pub tour

Headed off under clear skies again for a quick dinner before meeting the group and it was a large group of about 50! It worked surprisingly well though and was a wonderful night. Great duo with witty banter and good music and rooms to ourselves in busy pubs. CLP almost stole the show with her Polka routine but it’s not often you can say the Irish Musical Pub Crawl was upstaged by a gay Icelandic couple. Towards end of show always try and get an audience member up to sing a song. Athor was pushed out by his boyfriend and did a great job of Under Pressure. Magic end to a magic night and then a walk home on a booteeful night. It had been one memorable first full day in Ireland

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