Ireland Fling – The #Almost60AlreadyFamous Tour – Day 1

Posted: February 16, 2018 in Travel

Hell on Earth has arrived and parked itself at Flashman Inc Sunshine Coast . What a shocker of a night for heat and mugginess. Very little sleep indeed, just as well no big day ahead ………

And this will be a long day but although we may leave at 35 degrees we should eventually arrive to 3.5 degrees. Yay. First up is leisurely drive to Brisvegas catching up with the both the oldest and youngest members of our extended clans. Fly out of Brisvegas at 5 pm to Melboring before catching the Qantas A 380 to London via Dubai as you do. Then straight onto a BA flight to Dublin arriving a bit after 5 pm on Friday. What may appear as 24 hrs in the air and getting frisked at airports is closer to 36 hrs. Speaking of BA I pity the fool who doesnt sleep on planes. Guilty as charged Your Honour. Luckily it will be a dry 36 hrs…….

Damn those decimal points again. Ok a dry 0.36 hrs. #IBF has returned and is in a black mood. May wait for Ireland for that though….

A full morning in the sweltering heat had us hanging out for that first cold one in the Qantas Lounge. Rocked up to check in and the lady suggested we can get u on earlier flight still with exit seats as there could be storms this afternoon . My grimace prompted “You will still have time for the lounge Sir”. Then a 15 min hassle with CLP’s new passport. Had to ring Canberra in the end . This was cutting into my drinking time sweetheart. Then we saw the Qantas Premium Lounge entry with Security check. Sweet, what a great service . Then settled in for a quick froth or 3 in the 30 mins before board our new 4 pm flight . Does mean about 4 hrs in the Melbourne Lounge before take off…….. help.

Smooth trip down once we skirted the storms . Missed our “dinner” being on an earlier flight but we shan’t starve. The Melbourne BC Club is a bit of a ghost town at 8 pm which makes sense when look at the board and only 3 flights before midnight. There is plenty to eat and drink of course but all a bit impersonal #firstworldproblems. Now the trick is not to get as full as a state school hat rack in the next 3 hrs before the next 14 hr flight 😏🕺🏼

Being a DCM (designated chick magnet)I innocently asked a passing service lady about a towel for a shower and now we are besties and I know her life story. Actually makes mine sound a bit better. A shower between flights is great way to put a smile on your face. Here is one I prepared earlier

The A 380 is an impressive if aging plane. Smooth take offs and landing and the PE cabin is very good. Still 14 hrs is 14 hrs and were glad to see the sun starting to rise as we approached Dubai. Off at one gate spin around 3 times walk to another gate and reboard for London

Another smooth flight had us arriving in plenty of time and no lounge to roam. Instead we had our first Pommy beer – and it was warm. Eventually 4 pm ticked around and we could board our Aer Lingus – hee hee snicker – for the quick trip to Dublin. 50 mins to be exact

Relatively smooth Customs experience and our Limo driver arrived soon after to drop us at our VRBO in Dublin at Customs House Harbourplace. Looks great but we are officially shagged now so a quick small salad from nearby and cuppa and time to find that bed. Looks like a quiet area so let’s hope we bounce out of bed in the morning ready to explore this wonderful city

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