Ireland Fling Day 3 – Finding Good Head in Dublin

Posted: February 18, 2018 in Travel

Interesting start to day. After late night not all that flash at 7 am but even less so after checking email and reading one from our ex Travel Agent

“ Hi David, Hope you are having a great time in Ireland. BA has contacted me to inform me that you missed your flight to Dublin and as such have cancelled your return flight in couple of weeks”

What the fuck? Apart from the obvious problems here why would you think we were not still at Heathrow rather than having a great time in Ireland! Naturally when I looked outside then it was raining . That sort of day . Still if there is one thing I am known for it is unfailing optimism.

We set off with no great plans except to have same breakfast as yesterday . Hey, routine is important at our age. We were heading towards Dublin Castle and St Patrick’s cathedral for my cultcha fix for the holiday. I was still tired but of course CLP was skipping along like a little school girl. The cathedral was of course impressive and Pat the Lad has hands almost as big as The Trumpster

Dublin Castle didn’t open until midday so thought we would walk to Jameson Distillery . On the way lucked upon The Brazen Head , Ireland’s Oldset Pub. As it was only just 10 am we opted for the Irish coffee and it was tres excellent . JD was an impressive place but could do with some more signage. You know something like “ We are actually an airport lounge and don’t serve alcohol until after midday “ Thought Irish were drinkers . Pussies

By now sadly the Dublin Castle was open. As usual the rooms are stunning but with no Meaghan on hand I lost interest

Always on the lookout for ways to make some money on trips so was pleased when I landed a gig as Security over lunch for the Castle

By now it was lunch time as always say two heads are better than one so we went in search of The Stags Head in Temple Bar. If only the search for The Meaning of Life was this easy. The light drizzle had kept the crowds down but do love walking the streets and finding things that amuse me . Like graffiti or the fact many stores also sell wigs as a second item! Maybe Trump got his here

The Stags Head was a great pub so also got lunch there. CLP had a superb Seafood chowder that only cost 8 Euro. Nice and quiet too as had only just opened . After that we headed home and did some souvenir shopping on way home. Grandkids sorted and was finally able to get rid of that pesky 100 Euro note. And a couple more small ones 👴🏻 😱

Back home now for a quiet afternoon as drizzle continues. Probably head out for easy dinner nearby later but early night as have a full day tour tomorrow to Belfast.

One quick comment on the Irish folk. They are spitters. Lovely people but they do like trying to clean the sidewalk one square cm at a time. Lots of smokers too. Maybe those two facts are related or simply independent fascinating anecdotes ?

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