Red Rock – Day 13

Posted: September 14, 2017 in Travel

Last full day of trip and sounds about right as pretty well over the winery routine by now. The only real job today is to find a place that will let us buy 2-3 and ship home 12! Not an easy task. We have a lunch booked at Skillogaleee and the day will fit in around that as we let countryside flow over us like cream on an eClare . Speaking of which I finally worked out why I may have put an extra kg or two this holiday – bloody full cream milk in our accomodation. At two cuppas a day it soon adds up.

Another excellent accomodation in Auburn but nothing to see in town unless the gang at Rising Sun has kicked on. At last we have Internet. Head out to Mintaro first and hopefully will be aMazed. Certainly stunned if find a good coffee .

First up was Taylor’s Winery which is a rather large concern. Nothing spectacular but we bought a couple so we could ship our other 9😏 Too early for Maze to be open – luckily – and sadly famous old pub closed for good but had a passable coffee at Reilly’s before heading onto Paulette’s for first cellar door . Very helpful lady and good value wine meant we bought 6 so we could pay for a dozen shipping and bring another 6 back later in day . 3 more wineries ? No problemo

We had a midday lunch booked at Skillogalee so a quick stop at Sussex and Squire on way. The lunch was excellent of course and just the right size. Didnt do another tasting as had a glass of wine with lunch but did buy a bottle of Riesling. Then onto Clare Valley Brewing Co where this strange phenomenon during the day continued. Being social butterflies we love to engage in conversation and the subject of Terroir always came up. It must be the sacred cow in the district because as soon as we mentioned we were not greatly impressed the temperature in the cellar door dropped 5 degrees . And it was only 8 to start with ! In Hahndorf don’t mention the war , in Clare don’t mention Terroir. In Barossa don’t mention Hunter Valley 😏

Strangely the ” Winery routine” had kicked in again so we headed off to Shut the Gate to get that pesky last 3 bottles to make another dozen. Nice cellar door where you even get some cheese and crackers. Then back to Paulette’s to ship off last dozen – which I think brings total to 6 dozen😳 Yes you can buy many of these from Dan et al but not really the same eh. This way can add freight costs on too …… Back home because I think I had challenged the driving Gods enough and then one last walk into town for a last beer at The Rising Sun to ironically set the sun on our wonderful holiday . This pub is rather highly regarded but not sure why – at 3 pm in afternoon there were at least 6 kids aged under 10 in the public bar and it is a small area!

A quiet night then in preparation for drive back to Adelaide in morning, return car, catch plane , drive home to Nambour . A full day but not the fun kind.

Could be a lazy hour in Qantas Club at Adelaide mind you if things go according to plan

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