Red Rock – Day 12

Posted: September 13, 2017 in Travel

After a brief flirtation with warmth yesterday it’s back to a more pleasant 13-14 degrees today . In Qld we get Coastal Wind warnings . In SA they get “Sheep Graziers” alerts . Of course that may be nothing to do with weather but rather their behaviour after a few vinos 😏

I do declare it’s time for the Clare. Another shortish drive just under the hour should have us knocking on door of first flat champers location just after 10 . Good run up through some lovely country – fields of canola interspersed with fields of green stuff . Drove on through Auburn to Clare for a coffee at Wild Saffron. Not wild about it but not mad either . I won another award just walking the street though

Then onto Knappstein Winery and Brewery for first one of the day. Wine nothing special and sadly only one beer to try but it was very good. A quick detour to Brooks lookout for some reason as by now it was grey cloudy ….. and rainy. Getting a bit peckish by now so checked out Mr Micks Cellar and Kitchen. The good thing about their wine is it is all one price – $17 a bottle regardless of colour . I say that is a big step forward for race relations in this country. Of course it all tasted good at that price as did the Tapas in the restaurant. Got a quick 6 so we could also ship back 6 of the good stuff too – wine that is, not Tapas 😏

Well rested so on to Seven Hills and Pikes Beer and Wines. 5 mins away and a short but heavy storm hit with very small hail. Seven Hills was a classy looking place with no $17 wine. Nothing grabbed us either except a frisky Jesuit Priest. Had the beer paddle at Pikes which is always good before sampling the wine. We bought a bottle of white if only to start on that next dozen to ship

By now it was time to check into our lodgings for two nights – Amy’s in Auburn – before heading out a bit later to nearby Grossetts. And by nearby I mean walking distance

The cellar door at Grossets was excellent of course and very relaxing not having to remember where I parked the car . All of our lodgings have come with plenty of food and this one is no different including a large cheese platter. Maybe just a wafer thin slice before heading out to The Rising Sun a bit later for dinner . Another big day

And another to follow tomorrow I am guessing

Update: After the short walk into town for dinner at The Rising Sun pub we could hardly get in the door with the crowd ! Apparently it was Balaclava Cup day at the races and they had started a while ago. Ok just up the road and Terroir Auburn looked good. They should have been wearing Balaclavas! It was local appreciation night and a fixed $55 ea for 3 courses. Ok , when in Rome. Gave us menu and drinks list , came back a little later for drink orders and about to give them when he told us ” the fridge is 18 degrees and can’t fix it so no white wine or beer ” . Then a 30 min wait for each course which was ok but nothing special but after main course we said can we cancel dessert please. Ok but it will still be $55 ea as ” it is local appreciation night”

Makes me appreciate not being a local . Really expected Basil Fawlty to walk out next in his Gourmet night attire

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