Red Rock – Day 11

Posted: September 12, 2017 in Travel

Already ? 😰 Last full day on Barossa and haven’t pulled up too bad after big night . More tired than seedy . Today is Spa day but first a couple of wineries in morning and another coffee place. Returning to Seppeltsfield around lunch for a picnic hamper as can still do belt up and we can’t have that on holidays. Off to Henschkes then. Because it opens at 9 am ….duh.

Great wine selection and cellar door but sadly Hill of Grace not for tasting . At 9:05 a couple in front of us were on the last red and had ordered two dozen already . Suddenly I felt like an amateur at this squeezed grape caper. Then onto Bean Addiction Roasters for a coffee which again while very hot not exceptional in any other way . Sadly the Stein Taphouse next door was not open until midday – I tend to shine more in the hoppy yeast arena. Next up was Torbreck which is in a beautiful location with cellar door to match. Great range once again but we were being more suspect now as end nears and we have to get this stuff home!

Time to make our way to Seppeltsfield to pick up our picnic hamper at midday at what was turning out to be a glorious day . But first on the way drop into Izway Winery nearby as a new up and comer . Cellar door closed but owner saw us and came over and gave us a tasting – we had sampled the Shiraz last night at Appellation. Then onto Seppeltsfield for a tasting which didn’t impress greatly before picking up hamper and settling in on the lawns for a feed and a rest . Excellent range of food fit the bill perfectly

Home then for quick change of underwear before onto Endota Spa at Novotel resort . We had the foot bath, remedial massage and spa soak with champers 90 min package which was all wonderful of course . Except #firstworldproblems . Dont pour the Champers out before massage starts . I am no scientist – anymore – but bubbles don’t last for > 60 mins. Flat warm champers is well ….. Reisling I guess . Damn I have become a wine expert this last week

One thing I did pick up from the locals when visiting cellar doors is come prepared 😏

So our stay in Tanunda comes to an end and you can never visit all the wineries you want …. and drive at least. On to Clare Valley tomorrow for two days – the home of warm flat champers


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