Red Rocked – Day 14

Posted: September 14, 2017 in Travel

We got up, drove to Adelaide and flew home. The end

So must be time for The Flashies

Flights Qantas is a solid reliable performer . All flights ran well. Qantas Club in Alice is very crowded but still an oasis in the desert. Streaming wifi on shorter flights is great when works.
Winner Alice Springs to Adelaide – on time , spare seats , good in flight wi fi

Accomodation Once again all good with mostly pros and only a few cons. In 2017 all accomodation should supply wifi even if not free . Sails in Desert is great and in particular runs all of their very busy tours expertly and efficiently . Double Tree Hilton in AS was excellent for a hotel . Good dining options, easy walk to town, lovely grounds. Hilltop Too in Hahndorf is very spacious and well appointed , quiet area , short walk to main street . Dove Cottage in Tanunda had slightly better provisions and space and a good location again. Amy’s was smallest of 3 but had wifi and washing/dryer. Easy walk to town, not its fault that the town of Auburn is dullsville .
Winner Dove Cottage

Dining 3 big entries which all offered something different and at a different price point. Sounds of Silence dinner was in a stunning location with great food , great company and plenty to drink. Appellation at Louise was of course a superb dinner with matching wines and service that went above and beyond. Comes at a price but not out of pace with similar degustations. And then Skillogaleee was the perfect meal for us at that time and delicious to boot.
Winner Appellation

Worst Dining Terroir in Auburn. Expensive and slow service .

Cellar Doors All good let’s face it . The paid for tasting at Bird in Hand was great for many reasons. Finding Hardys in Main Street of McLarenvale was a treat. We were lucky or smart enough to turn up early to most so had a good run at Paulette’sfor example. Turned up late afternoon at Grossets and had the place to ourselves ! Special mention for Corioles at McLaren Vale as being super friendly even sharing his lunch with us ! Teusner was unique both in presentation and owner drinking with us
Winner Bird in Hand

Breweries Prancing Ponywas big and fun. Barossa Valley Brewing was perfect for a Sunday afternoon drink with live music. Knappstein had the best actual beer but only one variety! Pikes was very generous with pours . Clare Valley Brewing had a good range but a poor tasting set up
Winner BV Brewing

Tours All of the Uluru tours were busy but ran well and efficiently . The dinner at Sunset was an amazing experience. Segway is a fantastic experience and none better than at Sunrise at Uluru. Kata Clysmic was a tad dull but still visually stunning especially from a distance . Camels at Sunset was a unique experience but a bit over priced .Kings Canyon was a big day but glad we did it
Winner Sunrise Segway at Uluru

Best ExperienceThe whole Field of Lights and Sounds of Silence dinner was a memorable experience and a great start to our time in Uluru

Our few days in Uluru were amazing and much like NYC in Feb 2015 don’t think could ever recapture the magic of the weather again for an extended stay . Cool enough to be pleasant and the colours amazing . More that that though it is a unique area that all Aussies should see. The car rental seemed to work ok and is a great way to do the Epicurean Trail. 9 days visiting wineries in a row is probably a bit much if you don’t have a break with some local natural attractions that aren’t lookouts!

As sad as one may be to leave two weeks is a good length of time to spend together on the road. Just ask CLP 👀 Qantas Club remains an excellent product – just remember bar doesn’t open until midday

Next up is a short week in Melboring in December but the biggun on horizon – misty as it may be – is Ireland Fling in Feb 2018

Life is good

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