Red Rock – Day 8

Posted: September 9, 2017 in Travel

Last full day in Hahndorf or is that last day of being full ? Weather seems much the same as has been for stay – cool, cloudy, some showers some sun. Time to head out to Mt Lofty for some scenic views hopefully before one last winery and maybe even squeeze in a brewery

Ok make that no sun or showers but rather cool. Drive up to Mt Lofty summit first which is a great view but not so much today. Mt Lofty house is rather stunning though. As gardens not open yet a detour into Stirling for some more sculptures and a coffee. Then back to Mt Lofty botanical gardens which didn’t impress much but was a good walk. Mind you I was rathr pissed off now by constant interactions with cyclists on this road – the most ignorant assholes on the road. Single file ya dipshits

We were both a bit over wine today as still a week ahead and want to be ripe for Tanunda starting tomorrow. So we pulled on our chaps and headed to Prancing Pony Brewery for a paddle and a pizza as you do. The paddle apparently also came with beer but by then couldn’t sit down

Back home for a rest from driving – and bloody cyclists – before a leisurely stroll into Hahndorf Main Street this afternoon .

Pleasant walk and streets not too crowded . It’s not Montville 😏 Plenty of quirky little stores but all rather expensive . We eventually settled on a cafe with ” the best coffee in Hahndorf” . In retrospect that could be akin to “best coffee in the USA ” Very nice afternoon as sun slowly started to peek through

We will walk back into town later for dinner. Must say it is pleasant to have less alcohol on board and a clearer head for all this walking . Should prevent any mishaps.

Or at least you would think so eh

Sunda is Tanunda

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