Red Rock – Day 7

Posted: September 8, 2017 in Travel

Sadly most establishments of the imbibing kind don’t open doors until 10-11 am let alone the bar. Being a morning person this does leave a chunk of time in the mornings to fill in and already done ” Main Street Hahndorf” in the 5 mins yesterday waiting for hair to dry. We do have Udder Delights High Chesse Tea at midday and if I can’t get a Monty Python gag in there somewhere then simply not trying. Apparently there are other things to see in area that don’t involve opening mouth first unless it is in awe and wonder .

Update: The Scupltures of Mt Barker are no Mt Rushmore. A pleasant drive though through a lovely little town . And got some jam too at a farm place

By now the sun was over the yardarm which was odd as only 10 am and a cloudy day . Still onward and upward to Petaluma – known for its sparkling wines. In hindsight this association escapes me . Then it was Bird in Hand and as we approached almost scraped the rental trying to get past a fucking long limo parked in the narrow entry road. This didn’t look good – sure enough a dozen giggling Sheilas fronting the tasting area ! We snuck down the back and collared a youngun and as luck would have it there were tasting options for $15 each in a magnificent dimly lit area with barrels and no Sheilas. Money well spent and first time I recall when all 6 tastings – sparkling, white and red – were all excellent and worthy of purchase. Having paid our $15 we got 15% of purchases and free freight for 6 or more. Should I be concerned we have already shipped home 2 dozen after 2 days 👀 Bird in the Hand is tres impressive .

A quick detour to ArtWine before our high tea at Udder Delights. Once again the local Fiano was very passable. The high tea requires 24 notice for preparation of food and the reason for this eludes me still. It was fine of course but nothing jumped off the plate – luckily – as the item requiring such long preparation. We were in a cellar by ourselves which was great but also meant service was rather poor. I can now say I have had a High Cheese Tea but not sure when that would ever come up in conversation in the high brow groups I hang with

The face was flushed and it was only 12 degrees outside so assumed I could be feeling no pain so a quick detour home to rest the liver for an hour before the pm assault on 3 wineries nearby including a Choc O Vino which I can only hope doesn’t involve Anthony Mundine .

Well rested we headed off to The Lane. I should have rested longer. Not sure why but as opposed to Parrot in my Palm I couldn’t find one wine that didn’t need a spit bucket adjacent. No harm no foul. On to Shaw and Smith. Much like PIMP it was a tasting selection for $ which is fine but the guy needs to go back to school. He said for $14 you get 5 x 40 ml pours which for drivers is two glasses. I always thought a glass was 150 mls and anyway if that was 40 ml you need a new pipette pal. Anyhoo, wine was ok and setting great . Then onto Hahndorf Hills winery for final visit and Choc O Vino. They make a big deal of the Cape Grim water they provide as being so pure even ice cubes pollute it. So why not freeze it to make your ice cubes if needed ? Duh. Wines were so so , chocolates ok but maybe by now our palates had dulled . Time to head home and maybe a walk into town later for a cleansing beer . I see toast and jam for dinner in our immediate future

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