Red Rock – Day 9

Posted: September 10, 2017 in Travel

Time to say auf wiedersehen to Hahndorf or as we say in the Borough pack up your sausage and leave. Great to have extended stays in places where u can decamp properly and 4 nights has been great . There was a very embarrassing sight this morning though

A full decanter of port untouched. Worse still choccies left unwrappped! The other surprising thing here and in Tanunda digs ahead – no wifi!

Anyhoo another great thing about the Epicurean trail is the next enclave of grape houses is only an hour away in Tanunda. A leisurely pack followed by an even more leisurely drive should have me well leisured out as we approach Tanunda on Sunda from the south which just happens to be the locale of a couple of dives like St Hallet . Well it is the day of our Lord . Apparently .

Fist some quirk. The worlds largest Rocking Horse and the Whispering Wall. How some cod ordinary pyramid in Giza keeps these pearlers off the 7 Wonders list is beyond me

Now the odd thing was at said rocking horse there was a Groovy Grape bus full of about 10 dolly birds ready for Flemington . Seemed an odd choice. Then at the Whispering Wall – same bus ! We then drove onto Jacobs Creek as first stop and fark me. It was there and the Sheilas were already crowding the free drink area !

The cellar door was nothing special and thought if we headed to St Hallet we should be safe from the gaggle of geese. We were. Very familiar with SH and not disappointed . Then onto Grant Burge and again familiar stuff especially the sparkly stuff . By now thought probably time to check into Dove Cote at Tanunda because I checked my urine and it said I needed to drink more ! Better start walking then eh

A quick decamp and walk into town for a quick lunch and leisurely stroll to an old fave Chateau Tanunda . Then back home for a rest in our very comfortable lodgings – did I mention there was a spa bath 😉 Back out later to check out nearby Brewery before grabbing some dinner

Great late afternoon at Barossa Valley Brewing with usual paddle and some live music. Then a walk back into town for a good old steak at The Clubhouse before an easy walk home to check out the pillow situation .

Hey as it turns out I don’t need a pillow after all. Silly bunt

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