Red Rock – Day 2

Posted: September 3, 2017 in Travel

Ok, officially a tad seedy . Must be the desert air. Not a good nights sleep for a number of reasons. Pillows too soft, room too warm, a dingo nibbling my toes. Yada yada yada. As I approach my 60 th year it is reassuring to know I am not getting any wiser . Will try to show more control today – starting with breakfast buffet ! Hope they don’t serve champagne ! But first a lovely FaceTime with Harry and Brody for Fathers Day

Quiet morning today ahead of tour to Kata Tjuta this afternoon. That’s Olgas for you simple folk. Cooler morning with a breeze but a simply glorious day. Photographers must love this place , the colours are so vibrant. Saves them bringing their own  tripod I guess. Ya with me . Checked out local gallery – sadly open – and then up to a nearby lookout for a different perspective. As in further away

Time to check out pool. Or at least pool area . Not sure my Olgas could handle the water in this temperature .

Update : of course they can. Had pool to ourselves on a glorious morning. The water was cold indeed. Certainly colder than the beer in our plastic glasses #firstworldproblems.

Small group of 8 for ” a 3 hr cruise” this afternoon to Kata Tjuta. Even so you always know there is that one knobhead who has to ask questions all the way . It is an amazing rock formation as you approach on yet another crystal clear afternoon. We did the 1.3 k walk to Wappa Gorge and while impressive after a while it becomes a bit humdrum as a visual spectacle . And a hard walk on very rough ground for my poor ankle . Still, a very worthwhile experience

So another full day done and red dusted . The early mornings start tomorrow with our Segway pick up at 6 am. We even added a Sunset Camel ride later for tomorrow for some reason.  Hope I get a pretty one. At this rate my bucket list is shrinking daily. Meanwhile .


Duck !

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