Red Rock – Day 3

Posted: September 4, 2017 in Travel

Today is Marty McFly day . First up back to the future on a Segway for Uluru sunrise and then later in day back to the past for a Camel ride at sunset looking for Jesus. Between now and then need to find two more wise men. Not an easy task.

Early start so good chance to try out the thermonuclear Kathmandu jacket I bought on special for $300! Well it’s gortex .

Ok think I left 3 layers back at the store. It was 3 degrees outside but I was cold still. Onto bus and only a group of 5 so things were looking up. Good drive out to the “other side” well in time for sunrise so a quick light breakfast to start with. After that it was basically 3 hrs of wonder. As in I wonder how I can limit the photos I post out of the 1000 I took. As said before it is a photographers delight here with the rich colours .

Then it was time to board the Segway and as an old hand was sent to the back of posse. First time ever had to put on pads !

Very informative guide and some great creation stories at various points. Also clear signs for “sacred sites” stretches – no photography! Including a big cross through camera sign for Japanese . Nope, didn’t work. Took about 2 hrs to do whole circuit . The climbing area was closed due to high winds. Just close it period folks. After Segway a quick walk back to the water hole and some cave drawings and then back on bus for 30 min trip home. Another amazing morning and still have some humps ahead . As said many times a Segway is great fun and a perfect way to travel a good distance in a short time while still taking in the view and snapping away like a hungry crocodile.

Back home for a light lunch and some time by pool. Water was still freezing at midday after cold night but sun was glorious . Relaxing few hours ahead while contemplating packing for 4 am start tomorrow

Well Camels are certainly amazing animals and riding one is an interesting experience. Another well run tour but maybe by now the magic of the rock at Sunset has lost some shine? Kata Clysmic (patent pending) actually looks more stunning for moi. The tour was quite expensive for what you got especially “bush tucker” at the end. Damper bread and pretzels basically . Some free beers and wine of course but time limited. Still it was a worthwhile adventure and bucket list certainly has a few more holes in it now. The tour was full too which maybe didn’t help as slow at the start and end of but ok once you get over the hump in the middle . I’m here all week , try the veal

Will be sad to leave Uluru area tomorrow and especially the magic weather . The Sails in the Desert is an excellent resort – not cheap but very well organised.

Our camel was named Connor for those interested.

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