Red Rock – Between a Hard Rock and a Soft Red – Day 1

Posted: September 2, 2017 in Travel

A long day beckons so an early start . Against all instinct we are driving down early to Brisvagas for an early morning flight. What could go wrong. Using BAP again for the fortnight which adds a little to budget but a whole lot of convenience as well. A couple of flights , a couple of lounges and then end up in final destination to see one of the great natural wonders of the world at sunset . Well, I will need a shower after this long day ! Probably some other stuff to see too around that time in the dead red centre of Aussie Land. A rock, a dingo or two and some other wildlife – depending how many beers on board . After a windy warm day today the chill sets in next few nights . Darool Darool

Good run down and arrived with plenty of time for snouts in trough. Then my world ended

Oh well. 2 hrs of coffee and prunes before 3 hrs flying. What could go wrong ? Again. Left about 15 mins late and didn’t make up in the air as a strong headwind. Good flight though but was 3 hrs. Very passable snack on board. Q Streaming wi fi is a great idea but only if it works. After 5 mins gave up on black screen . Great scenery at times. Amazing land. Arrived a tick before midday which was perfect . The bar in QC club opens at midday ! Crowded as expected but found a couple of seats for the hour before next flight . This could get dangerous. As usual wifi is crap here . Much like the choice of Reds but hey no problemo. Think we will catch up next week

So after travelling with Qantas for 25 yrs got my first call to the “service desk” ? Upgrade to business class ?? ” ya clown, there are only 20 seats on the plane!” ” But can you move to exit row and stop drinking now”? Hmm…..extra leg room versus liver attack. Yep ok. Sun doesn’t set until midnight around here and still have 3 course bush tucker menu with ” accompanying alcohol” to come. Sweet

Up in the air , small drink of water and then landed šŸ˜‰ The first visions of Uluru were rather stunning. Can’t do justice out of a window. Plenty of opportunities ahead . Warm day indeed. Shuttle bus and smooth check in had us walking the town square in no time. A quick beer as you do and then back to get ready for A Night at Field if Light

Well, what a stunning and memorable experience . Spidey senses were pinging when saw 3 bus loads of GU lined up for night but it all went smoothly and plenty of access for good photos – ability not withstanding. If I did nothing else right this holiday i did this night by lining up a great group of 8 people to have dinner with, all strangers of course. I know boring old frats when I see them so avoided them. Beautiful location, great food, limitless supply of grog and informative talks. I would say the light changes at sunset on rock were not life altering but still memorable as was the look towards Olgas. Field of Light was impressive and can’t do justice with photos sadly. Home and in bed by 10:30 on a great , if somewhat long day

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