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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but surely you can put them down when this stupid ? A 5 hr Pub tour the night before an early train trip was not a very good plan – at least after about 5 hrs and 10 mins that is . Officially seedy this morning but did make the train on time and will find out when unpack in Seattle if left anything behind 😏 Snow tipped to return this weekend so time will tell. Pleasant start to day. Amtrak always seem to run on time and looks like a pleasant trip north although do seem to be a lot of stops and starts due to freight trains. Speaking of extra freight wonder where that loo is




About 45 mins late in the end but a comfortable trip and a quick Uber to residence had me checked in and unpacked by 2 pm. It’s a stunning mansion in a classy neighbourhood but the restrictions of a B&B will be interesting – eg no kettle in room





So as the day was going downhill quickly lets walk downhill to town. This place is San Fran hilly trust me. 30 minute walk in the end to the meaty part and being Saturday very crowded. Will return during week when quieter although as bus was heading past convention centre I remembered it was also Comic Con





Main aim of afternoon was to get my transport card to use on buses for week . Less walking methinks with these hills. Orca card purchased , now for a whale of a time. I’m here all week, don’t try the Parmigiana. It will kill ya . Seriously one of the biggest meals I have seen and great value . It was lunch and dinner in one .


After that did need to walk a bit so carried on to Volunteer Park nearby. Sadly the Lakeview cemetery was closed (Bruce Lee grave ) so will return but discovered a lovely vista on way home that a camera can’t do justice to








All in all a productive day and will be an early night .

Try saying that 3 times quickly . Actually pretty easy really. Move on

Plan A today was not to drink before 3 pm when last tour starts . Unlike Whispering Jack this really is the last one in Portland trust me. That would then aid in second part of plan which was to use all 3 modes of transport to see the Moda Centre across the river – NBA home. At my age that constitutes an exciting plan trust me. First up the 77 Bus to Troutdale which is just around the corner and drops you at the Rose Centre . A great sporting/concert venue but da little boys were holding on for dear life trust me, it was cool. Could even be persuaded ” bone chillin” Rain expected to come in this arvo so good to get out and about ( as luck would have it#70sSundaySchool this last tour is the only Bus one – no walking needed!)





Not a lot else around here to see at this time of day so next part was Max Rail – the red line back into town for some more quirk. But first a leisurely crossing of the river once more


Plonked in midddle of town and had requisite coffee and then a few photo ops before catching NS Streetcar home. Plan achieved and now a couple of hours rest and packing etc before tour kicks off at 2:45 pm for 4 hrs. At least…….

And then an Uber home, my new best friend bringing my grand tally now to 2 . Come on you know who u r




Another great tour with a full bus and still lone Aussie . Weather not great so good to be on bus in between gigs . Except for the ” not walking sobering up part ”



Another group of breweries to add to list and even got my veterans pin for 3 tours in a week . Didn’t wake up this morning and find I had any new Facebook friends so must have behaved myself 👍 A great end to a great week






Alas we lost someone last night

The Pin didn’t make it and like all veterans I shall raise a drink to its memory. But maybe not today 🤐

Time to catch a train

Or both maybe. Slower start to day with Segway planned for midday and then Haunted Pub tour at 7 pm tonight . Been a heavy few days – have not even been able to go horse riding 🤓 – so time for a quieter one. So let’s settle in for a relaxing movie this morning and see what is on


Yep sounds right . Don’t need cable subscription for that , see it every morning in mirror 😏 The weather forecast is locked in – gloomy cloudy and showery . It changes tomorrow when showery becomes rainy . Oh well, been a lucky run so far let’s hope it holds out for Segway. Time to go investigate some ” souvenirs ” ( apart from beer glasses! ) and of course another wash as some clown didn’t pack any long sleeve undergarments and my new one is smelling a bit Woofy and not the Husky kind . Packing for this trip was not my finest moment

So, not a lot of Souvenir shops in Rosetown – not a bad thing – and the one I did find didn’t open until 11 am. Maybe try this arvo after tour or in the morning as only a leisurely 30 min stroll. Thought would catch the Streetcar home after requisite coffee but it was like I was back at work and out of the loop again! Should have been on the NS loop but when I saw a bridge crossing in immediate future the penny/dime dropped . I was on the A train out of town. Quick jump off and a mere 25 minute stroll home. Of interest on this trip I am not accumulating the Zimbabwe GDP in loose change for once so must be tipping too well. Which reminds me always think of the Calzone episode when tipping and hoping they notice 😏


Think those 3 Sundays I spent at Sunday School in the 70’s is paying off as positively balmy when set off for Segway . Only one on trip – knobber knobber – and had deliberately chosen the river trip as something different . It’s a city of bridges and got a close up of all of them. As always a surprise like the actual submarine used in Hunt for Red October. Some great background facts along the way too.







And then the piece da resistance – the worlds smallest park . Mills End – check it out


A quick trip to the souvenir store and then onto the food carts – a boring first choice maybe but still tomorrow. Time to head home and rest up before tonight’s Haunted Pub Tour


Ok, if I ever sign up for another “Haunted tour” shoot me and cut off my head so I can’t come back. Great guide in Josh and a full group of mostly nice people but then in a big group of couples you stand out more and not just because you are the only Aussie and can drink and talk at same time. Seriously yet to go on a tour last 5 years that isn’t full of Yanks. 😏 Good beer and plenty of it and even finished with pizza – not so smart at 9 pm maybe . Tales of woe with absolutely zero proof or evidence bore me rigid . At least the weather was ok







Last full day tomorrow and one last tour with no ghosts expected but maybe a spirit or two . Boom Tish, I’m here all week avoid the Haunted shit

Seattlandia Day 5 – New Math

Posted: March 2, 2017 in Travel

Already ? Here 7 days , midweek but it is Day 5 ? Oh well , better pack in some fun last 6 days 🤓 Heading across the river today for a nooner with new bestie Chelsea. Then a tour…. Ok let’s head over early and explore the district but first a walk around this neighbourhood and check out some stuff. Portland is not known for any great Hollywood tie ins but there is a major pop culture one. Nope not Portlandia but rather this


Groening was of course born here and many characters are drawn from street names or combo of same such as “Montgomery Park on Burnside”





After usual coffee back home to plan next sozzlefest . Looks like all I need is a bus card, a cut lunch and an ankle brace . Sweet . Weather is the usual – cloudy and drizzly with occasional bursts of sunlight . Caught the 15 bus to SE Belmont and went on a bit further to check out some street art


Checked out the neighbourhood in general and then lined up at Cascade Brewing to kick off . Lizzie and Chelsea duly arrived and then another young lady Sarah joined the group # DCM what can I say ? Once again a great tour with a varied range of beers to try including some odd sour beers









As we walked through the Southeast there were some great murals as always





Sadly the tour came to an end but Chelsea and I decided to check out a Cider place as you do . Interesting to say the least and quite alcoholic of course




Time to catch an Uber home as who wants to mix with the GU on a bus home at 5 pm? Let’s try for a good nights sleep as another full day tomorrow with Segway and Haunted Pub tour at night . Should only leave 43 breweries to check out on Friday