Seattlandia Day 6 – Segway or Scream

Posted: March 3, 2017 in Travel

Or both maybe. Slower start to day with Segway planned for midday and then Haunted Pub tour at 7 pm tonight . Been a heavy few days – have not even been able to go horse riding 🤓 – so time for a quieter one. So let’s settle in for a relaxing movie this morning and see what is on


Yep sounds right . Don’t need cable subscription for that , see it every morning in mirror 😏 The weather forecast is locked in – gloomy cloudy and showery . It changes tomorrow when showery becomes rainy . Oh well, been a lucky run so far let’s hope it holds out for Segway. Time to go investigate some ” souvenirs ” ( apart from beer glasses! ) and of course another wash as some clown didn’t pack any long sleeve undergarments and my new one is smelling a bit Woofy and not the Husky kind . Packing for this trip was not my finest moment

So, not a lot of Souvenir shops in Rosetown – not a bad thing – and the one I did find didn’t open until 11 am. Maybe try this arvo after tour or in the morning as only a leisurely 30 min stroll. Thought would catch the Streetcar home after requisite coffee but it was like I was back at work and out of the loop again! Should have been on the NS loop but when I saw a bridge crossing in immediate future the penny/dime dropped . I was on the A train out of town. Quick jump off and a mere 25 minute stroll home. Of interest on this trip I am not accumulating the Zimbabwe GDP in loose change for once so must be tipping too well. Which reminds me always think of the Calzone episode when tipping and hoping they notice 😏


Think those 3 Sundays I spent at Sunday School in the 70’s is paying off as positively balmy when set off for Segway . Only one on trip – knobber knobber – and had deliberately chosen the river trip as something different . It’s a city of bridges and got a close up of all of them. As always a surprise like the actual submarine used in Hunt for Red October. Some great background facts along the way too.







And then the piece da resistance – the worlds smallest park . Mills End – check it out


A quick trip to the souvenir store and then onto the food carts – a boring first choice maybe but still tomorrow. Time to head home and rest up before tonight’s Haunted Pub Tour


Ok, if I ever sign up for another “Haunted tour” shoot me and cut off my head so I can’t come back. Great guide in Josh and a full group of mostly nice people but then in a big group of couples you stand out more and not just because you are the only Aussie and can drink and talk at same time. Seriously yet to go on a tour last 5 years that isn’t full of Yanks. 😏 Good beer and plenty of it and even finished with pizza – not so smart at 9 pm maybe . Tales of woe with absolutely zero proof or evidence bore me rigid . At least the weather was ok







Last full day tomorrow and one last tour with no ghosts expected but maybe a spirit or two . Boom Tish, I’m here all week avoid the Haunted shit

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