Seattlandia Day 7 – Trimet Trifecta of Transport

Posted: March 4, 2017 in Travel

Try saying that 3 times quickly . Actually pretty easy really. Move on

Plan A today was not to drink before 3 pm when last tour starts . Unlike Whispering Jack this really is the last one in Portland trust me. That would then aid in second part of plan which was to use all 3 modes of transport to see the Moda Centre across the river – NBA home. At my age that constitutes an exciting plan trust me. First up the 77 Bus to Troutdale which is just around the corner and drops you at the Rose Centre . A great sporting/concert venue but da little boys were holding on for dear life trust me, it was cool. Could even be persuaded ” bone chillin” Rain expected to come in this arvo so good to get out and about ( as luck would have it#70sSundaySchool this last tour is the only Bus one – no walking needed!)





Not a lot else around here to see at this time of day so next part was Max Rail – the red line back into town for some more quirk. But first a leisurely crossing of the river once more


Plonked in midddle of town and had requisite coffee and then a few photo ops before catching NS Streetcar home. Plan achieved and now a couple of hours rest and packing etc before tour kicks off at 2:45 pm for 4 hrs. At least…….

And then an Uber home, my new best friend bringing my grand tally now to 2 . Come on you know who u r




Another great tour with a full bus and still lone Aussie . Weather not great so good to be on bus in between gigs . Except for the ” not walking sobering up part ”



Another group of breweries to add to list and even got my veterans pin for 3 tours in a week . Didn’t wake up this morning and find I had any new Facebook friends so must have behaved myself 👍 A great end to a great week






Alas we lost someone last night

The Pin didn’t make it and like all veterans I shall raise a drink to its memory. But maybe not today 🤐

Time to catch a train

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