Seattlandia Day 8 – Pain, Trains and Snowmobiles

Posted: March 5, 2017 in Travel

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but surely you can put them down when this stupid ? A 5 hr Pub tour the night before an early train trip was not a very good plan – at least after about 5 hrs and 10 mins that is . Officially seedy this morning but did make the train on time and will find out when unpack in Seattle if left anything behind 😏 Snow tipped to return this weekend so time will tell. Pleasant start to day. Amtrak always seem to run on time and looks like a pleasant trip north although do seem to be a lot of stops and starts due to freight trains. Speaking of extra freight wonder where that loo is




About 45 mins late in the end but a comfortable trip and a quick Uber to residence had me checked in and unpacked by 2 pm. It’s a stunning mansion in a classy neighbourhood but the restrictions of a B&B will be interesting – eg no kettle in room





So as the day was going downhill quickly lets walk downhill to town. This place is San Fran hilly trust me. 30 minute walk in the end to the meaty part and being Saturday very crowded. Will return during week when quieter although as bus was heading past convention centre I remembered it was also Comic Con





Main aim of afternoon was to get my transport card to use on buses for week . Less walking methinks with these hills. Orca card purchased , now for a whale of a time. I’m here all week, don’t try the Parmigiana. It will kill ya . Seriously one of the biggest meals I have seen and great value . It was lunch and dinner in one .


After that did need to walk a bit so carried on to Volunteer Park nearby. Sadly the Lakeview cemetery was closed (Bruce Lee grave ) so will return but discovered a lovely vista on way home that a camera can’t do justice to








All in all a productive day and will be an early night .

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