Seattlandia Day 9 – Far from the Maddening Crowd

Posted: March 5, 2017 in Travel

Quiet day planned as many of the must see attractions down town will likely have masses of the great unwashed milling around being a Sunday. Does provide options to observe quirk so likely approach the vicinity on a leisurely stroll especially with Comic Con still on. Wonder how many will recognise Flash out of his costume ? . The plan seems to be walk downtown and bus it home up the hills . But first Church and then will give this breakfast caper a crack and not just the egggs . Oh that’s right, “church” doesn’t open until 11 am . The roll up for breakfast was a good preview of next years cruise methinks. No walking frames at least….


Ok so I did go to a bit of bother. Look I don’t get it but great to see so many people having fun . The day started out very pleasant so did the long walk noting things of interest along the way





Then onto the waterfront and even went on the big wheel and did other tourist crap like wall of gum and fish throwing . The weather was starting to turn







Lovely views of Seattle from Wheel actually before the weather changed . Luckily I wore the slight warmer jacket but no beanie of course – the sun was out . By 11:30 am it was bone chilling so glad to catch bus home but must be time for a beer and bite first







Seattle is well known for at least 3 pop culture icons over the last several decades and paid my homage today . Linda’s Tavern was the last place Cobain was seen alive or so the legend goes





Once again have achieved so much in first 24 hrs. First tour starts tomorrow so a bit of planning and some relaxation over rest of day. May duck out for a beer and dinner later on. CLP has suggested I don’t need to post any more photos of beer so it is a quandary . Do I stop posting or just unfriend her ? 🤓

I will sleep on it . In between the planes overhead of course….

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