Seattlandia Day 10 – Trolling for Gourmets

Posted: March 7, 2017 in Travel

Today has our first booked tour – Seattle Gourmet Foodie Walking Extravaganza. Good news is it takes place in any weather as forecast not so good. Mind you forecast varies, and significantly, between TV channels with at least one wag throwing the sun icon into the rain/cloud/snow combo. Always talk of snow but like Portland it seems more in the general area than the actual city . The only real issue is dressing correctly for a few hours. All very well to say layers but if gets hot then stuck carrying a layer around eh


As it’s a PM tour thought would head out to Fremont area this morning and just see where exactly Mont is locked up. There is a big troll, couple of statues and even a brewery but at this stage leave all serious drinking for tomorrow when double dogging – more later. The interesting thing today is any weirdos around are not Comic Con attendees but just your normal Seattlites 😏

It’s a double busser meaning the first bus driver was so ugly I got off and caught another one πŸ€“ Fremont looks an interesting area with some great views back across to Seattle but time was a bit limited with length of travel time and pending pm appointment . Still ticked most of the boxes I reckon

This weather is weird trust me. The rain not an issue but man the temp jumps around with wind chill a big factor. Will duck home for a break in between and rest feet for festivities ahead

So starting to think these weather guys here have studied in Aussieland and still didn’t pass . Ended up a very pleasant afternoon with sun although very cool. Great tour food wise with excellent guide and some superb and varied food. The group was on the dull side and is the big difference between foodie and drinkie tours. Some nice sips of wine though were thrown in but a quiet day today in preparation for tomorrow 😏

Such a nice afternoon couldn’t resist taking som more photos because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Well certainly the forecasters don’t!

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