The Week That Was 30.3.17

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

To be fair the weather bureau nailed this one. Despite referring to 127 different models they were following in days leading up to “CATASTROPHIC EVENT” their preferred option has proven mostly correct. And havent there been some tents in news reporters pants. There is of course a certain fascination with disaster – as long as not happening to you directly – but a 5 min update every 2-3 hrs would give us all the info we need. We dont need 24/7 coverage of Debbie unless coming from Dallas which of course lead to the many peurile references to blow jobs etc. When not in the gutter many headlines seemed to have a military slant like “SHOCK AND AWE”. I would indeed be shocked and awed if the news stations didnt always try and turn this into a ratings war everytime. Only watching a few mins every day likely meant I missed many of the more ridiculous lead ins in a Melbourne Cup field but these ones caught my ear

Karl Suffinnoidea on 9 – “Dont want to make this bigger than it is” then crossed to one of their 23 “live” reporters just in Bowen – coming to you from top of a Palm tree already on a 45 degree slant

Reporter ” Police have pleaded with sightseers to stay off the roads. We have been driving around all night and noticed many cars on the road stopped and looking” Hey Shit for Brains did you happen to notice most of them had signs on their doors like 7,9,10 NEWS ?? #oxygenwasters

And the latest and greatest this morning around 6 am. Flashing lights and screaming headlines for latest Nine News Alert “We have been notified that Brisbane will receive a months rain today and many suburbs will have flash flooding. Which suburbs will be affected? Dont miss tonights special bulletin at 6 pm only on 9” You know, several hours after all the suburbs have been flooded and people stranded. You can’t write this crap

Naturally this rain has impacted even on me. No golf yesterday and no golf course work today unless want to go scuba diving for the bunker rakes. More importantly though had a lot of driving planned for this weekend to Brisbane to see the white sheep of the family in transit from Doha and also The Six Pack at Beachmere and Toowoomba. The rain will have passed but just have to keep an eye on road closures. Just hope drive through at Maccas isnt closed!

In TV land there seems to be a raging business now for PPs ? Prosthetic Penises that is . First up Phil – Trumps fave character on The Americans – let it all hang out and a little to the side on Girls. Then Eric whipped it out on Big Little Lies – and it was all the former. Ya with me ? Our Nic gave him a serve literally and all he can say now is “Juice” ? May not have been a foot fault but certainly 8-9 inches. Girls has actually been very good in this its last season and Big Little Lies is certainly absorbing if a little soapy. Our Nic is flashing it all about and why not if look that good at 49 ? Bates Motel has been uneven although had an interesting twist on the good old shower scene. Good Fight is a poor substitute for Good Wife and trying to be too smart with all the Trump tie ins while Homeland obviously expected a Hilary win. Bellevue is an ambitious project which will need to be on its game to tie up a complex story. Saving up Broadchurch, Americans, Line of Duty etc for full season binges

In sporting world Aussies came close but really it just goes down as a 2-1 loss in India. Sick of all the sledging on both sides to be honest. Warner failed big time and one wonders where Ussie was ? A dour Number 3 would have been handy. Aussies need big 3 firing to win – Smith, Warner and Starc – and only had 1. Skull is mostly known for his dry wit but has a very good cricket brain and really nailed Warner’s Sub Continent batting woes on Back Page. NRL is a tipsters nightmare as usual early in the year

Nothing more to say really about US Politics as just one disaster after another but nothing changes. Fox still support Trump with the most biased reporting have seen for years while CNN put a different spin on everything. Officially bored with it all folks, just press the button. The flush button that is, not that shiny red one ya goose!

And finally Europe 2018 is all locked in or as locked in as one can be this far out. That is , airfares are booked and paid. We know when we leave, where we land and when we arrive home. Everything else is in the ether at present although most time will be spent in Ireland driving from pub to pub. Apparently. Sounds like a solid plan to moi

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