To Be Sure, To Be Sure….

Posted: March 22, 2017 in Travel

Would be nice eh. Devoted followers and even casual stalkers would know that next year to celebrate still being on the airy side of dirt after 60 yrs we were going on a slightly longer than 3 hr cruise on Queen Elizabeth. The big boat, not the monarch. It was a snappish decision but I was rather chuffed with the clarity that the decision had been based on because as that magic big number approached I had noticed a certain dithering in my deliberations of late. In fact

Then Seattlandia came and passed and more focus came upon “Da Cruise” . It was surprisingly difficult to get a one way fare to San Francisco. I started reading some daily blogs on what they do on “day at sea” to fill in time. It seems mostly crochet something or attend lectures on how to crochet something. One could say well we would just grab a beer and sit on the deck and let our troubles, and US$, float away. They dont miss ya for the drinks trust me. Now the cruise was already on the expensive side and was now coming to terms with many of the hidden costs and then add in shore excursions and the number was growing. Perhaps the final rivet in the coffin was the news that QE was being refitted in May to squeeze in more cabins and relocate the Chart room to a dinghy tied to the stern. Its a sign of the times – even reading the Qantas A380s will do away with the grand staircase to squeeze in another 30 seats or so. We were never Cruise geeks but thought Cunard gave us a chance to escape the Fairstar crowd. It likely still does but maybe the gap is narrowing while the prices rise. When I realised that I had been following the refit of Queen Victoria and its current cruise with fervour for a couple of weeks I knew my heart wasnt in it – given we were sailing on the QE and I had forgotten! So the dream was

The reality was

So what to do then? Time for some caution as our deposit on the cruise had now sunk without trace and would likely do some money on our insurance cover which I have to say – T&Cs not withstanding – seems a bit rich when holiday is 10 months away! So it took at least an hour to come up with the possible scenarios

1. Europe – Ireland to be specific. Always appealed and does suit as a couples destination with driving and B&Bs involved – and someone to do the laundary. If only they liked a drink now and again. Pick up some money as a new character in Games of ThronesSeason 9 – The Mountain Meets His Match. Could drop into Doha on way through and see the over achiever Ferguson brother on the way and also see London. It will have been 10 yrs since been to UK. Its February so not ideal weather but a bit hard to get Mum to change my birthdate now. Travel between UK and Ireland seems easy and who knows may still get to sit on Queen Elizabeth. The flights are less fun as longer and also less chance of a PE on Qantas – although not impossible. BC on Emirates is a bit expensive although mixed fares are possible. All things are possible of course depending on budget. Mind you could probably get a few BC seats and still come out ahead of da cruise budget.

2. USA – New Orleans appeals as a couples destination as does Charleston. The places want to visit are a fair distance apart and once again likely involve car hire. May dip into Florida and see some great Golf Courses along the way and smack a few alligators around – you know the poor man’s crocodile. Pussies. Fly into San Fran first or maybe Dallas. Some internal flights involved. Research would likely highlight some great places to see along the way but at present they aint jumping off the page. Driving down California coast is off the roster due to damage around Big Sur etc. USA is an easier place to visit solo of course but not when driving may be involved. If I was 66 then it would be a cinch – Route 66 across the country. Done. I think Route 60 is in Bumfuck, Idaho and I aint going to no Trump compound even if they have great potatoes.

3. Tiaro – At least it gets plenty of rain having no Dome

To be fair 3 is unlikely. If I had to pick a number now

However we will get together this weekend at Flashman INC HQ, Sunshine Coast and investigate further. Maybe there is a fourth option. I hope not 🙂 Donated too many brain cells in Seattlandia to deal with that

Watch this space

Although to be fair you will get more info if you actually read the next blog and stop staring at a blank space. Common sense really when you think about it

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