Seattlandia Day 14 – Deja Vu or just Day to Go?

Posted: March 10, 2017 in Travel

12 months ago in Boston I remember feeling a similar malaise with constant cough especially at night. At least there I could soak up some sun during the day . Ain’t going to happen here . Simply been caught out in the rain and chill one time too often and then factor in the usual annoying central heating deal with USA where you sweat and chill on cycle through the night and you have one sick boy. Not a massive issue while still here but have the 36 hrs of hell approaching rapidly with airport check ins, waiting around, 2 flights across the ocean and then a drive home. It’s going to be a hard last leg when can’t sleep on a plane and will likely be coughing all night. Weather looks a little better today but no dancing in the street anytime soon as not as if sun is coming out. Despite that bloody teasing icon

So headed off for a walk in general direction of downtown and ended up at Century Link Field 90 mins later – check Google that’s impressive . Along the way some fun signs and also stopped into Starbucks Roastery – yeah I laughed too but actually quite impressive

By now the sun was trying to come out as next to Smith Tower seemed worth the $14 . By the time the old guy got the elevator up there the earth had rotated around the sun 3 times ! Good views of course .

I was down near Pioneer Square so had a squiz and a walk along the esplanade . Had a fine coffee at Slate Roasters but ordinary fish and chips at Ivars. Knew I should have gone to the Irish pub! What was I thinking #sickerthanthought

Bit Shaggus O’Murphy by now so caught the bus home for a couple of hours of rest and a quick FaceTime with CLP. She thought I looked not only sicker but also uglier than she recalled . It’s a lovley afternoon now – never doubted it – so will head out for a walk to Volunteer Park and see if any of my brethren around doing bunkers and then that one last beer in Seattle. Unless of course can sneak into Alaskan Lounge at Sea- TAC tomorrow. But first a cup of tea. Here is one I prepared earlier

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