Seattlandia Day Who Cares? – The Final Wrap

Posted: March 12, 2017 in Travel

Health Meter 3/10

With tissues and cough lollies at the ready one approaches the 36 hrs from hell. As said in previous media commitments would not do a big trip like this again for all only 2 weeks but as it turns out works out well to be back when I am. Whether it is two weeks or two months the final day always comes around , just a pity I am at my sickest . At least last year I was on the improve by now. The Segway in the rain killed me off. And a few low flying ducks. No way one should complain too much about Premium Economy but to be fair the champers is luke warm 😏 The trick is not to get as full as a state school hat rack in the Lounge before hand, as tempting as it is . I will be looking for the complimentary inhaler. But first finished off with a lovely walk in Volunteer Park late yesterday . And a beer ….

First flight is not until 14:50 from Sea – TAC so will stay on site until 11 am and then Uber out and start the process. Also have a 6 hr layover in LAX which seemed like a good idea at the time. Will have a leisurely breakfast and even a walk down to 15 th avenue for a coffee around 10 to fill in the morning , weather permitting. Don’t need wet clothes at this stage !

So a summary of sorts . Both cities pretty much as expected and no point complaining about weather because you are well advised about it. Only complaint is usual one – the weather forecasters are incompetent and rather than admit just make their forecasts more vague. With weather like this accuracy would be very handy

Portland is a very laid back place and easy walking. Accomodation was perfect in an ideal location. Is the type of place you walk around and drop into the corner Pub on your way and feel comfortable. Didn’t do the surrounding nature any justice on this trip but would add to the attractiveness of the area significantly. Public transport is great and lack of sales tax a surprising bonus in many ways . The three food groups – beer, coffee and pub snacks – are well catered for . Both cities have homeless problems and also areas to avoid after dark.

Seattle is much more an iconic city and reminds one of San Fran in many ways. Weather impacts much more on activities here as really stands out on a clear day. Much bigger Sports city team wise and supporter wise . Once again didn’t do the natural beauties nearby any justice . Less of an easy walk with so many hills but once again excellent transport system although not as good as Portland without a smartphone app. Odd given the number of big companies in the area . The B&B option was something different but wouldn’t do again. It’s a stunning mansion in a lovely area but as a solo visitor the group breakfast does not appeal and limitation of one room eg watching TV from bed are noticeable . The laundary options also stand out! And of course in Seattle we are back to sales tax so $3.50 always becomes $3.87.

Won’t be any more solo visits for a little while so plenty of time to plan. Now for that last coffee. The man in the hat did it

Health Meter 2/10

It’s a miserable day all round so may as well head out to Airport a bit early and hook into “free” Lounge . Note “” for later reference . The Uber drive knew the speed limit and wasn’t going to let it win trust me despite the wet roads and constant rain. We made it in good time and check in was relatively smooth, bags checked through but need to get new boarding pass in LAX. Missed the pat down sadly despite having lots of tissues packed in strange places. Oh well. Front up to Lounge with a mere 3 hrs to spare with Plan A firmly in place .

Say what ? ” Sorry Sir we only have an arrangement with Qantas at LAX” Bloody Trump! ” You can get a day pass for $40″ “Don’t suppose that is in AUD”? If I wasn’t so sick would have passed on it and mixed with GU but really need a corner to sit by myself and meditate. And cough and sniffle. So hooked in . Mind you last time I spent $40 for 3 hrs I only lasted 3 mins. Ya with me 🤓 In the BRW review of Airport Lounges Alaskan @ SeaTACwould not get a Guernsey . Let’s hope rest of day picks up . They do serve beer though

Health Meter 3/5 ! A festivus miracle

Better pace one self , cattle class ahead . Small glass of Chardy and some seal fat cheese. Oops, wine causes coughing . Noted

Health Meter 2/5. ( Beer at LAX a mere 6 hrs away……)

The Alaskan flight was fine for what it was – on time but crowded but health dropped to 1.5 with ear pain during descent and a 5 klm walk to TBIT for Qantas. It’s a crazy system when you can’t check into Qantas until you get here because originating flight is not Qantas! Anyway no more security check and fronted to Qantas One World Club saying I don’t have a boarding pass yet but bag checked through. ” No worries cobber she’ll be sweet I can check you in, My name is Shazza. ” I could almost feel the sun on my back . Time for some food and then settle in for long wait as plane already leaving 30 mins late . Bloody Trump.

Maybe just one beer ? Adios Amigos until the next time . I got a bloody wall to build .

Apparently .

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