Seattlandia Day 13 – Growlers in the Mist?

Posted: March 9, 2017 in Travel

Either the windows need a clean or weather had deteriorated . Let’s flick on the TV and see what boffins say. A lot actually but it means SFA as really they only have one icon and you really cant go wrong with it

While browsing the webby thing yesterday arvo had come across a great deal for a Segway today for only $25 – usually $70. Worth a crack so booked it and spookily it was back over near that bloody houseboat . Around 8 am as set off for double busser it seemed mostly mist which was ok. Let’s face it had been lucky with weather really up to now. And really it was not bad – until we actually got on the Sogway – no spelling mistake there. By then it was a constant , cold, annoying drizzle but we set off like Postmen. We were doing the Lake Union and Seattle Centre area so not going to be too many great surprises having basically been there yesterday. You know when weather was good

You wouldn’t see too much from up there today. In keeping with how the day was going the one attraction that could have saved the day was the “Interceptor” from first Pirates of Caribbean usually moored at Wooden Boats dock. Nope someone had taken it out for the day

Some interesting signts around and good background info but taking photos now was getting tres difficult as the rain continued . I did my best

It was becoming a grind. Spooky you say that

One point of mild interest was across from the Space Needle was a Sports Bar which is actually the building used as Seattle Grace hospital in Greys Anatomy. Probably explains when I walked in the other day the lady behind the bar said “Welcome back McDreamy” The penny didn’t drop because to be honest that happens a lot to me. Me walking into a new bar that is, not that other nonsense 🤓

And then the piece da resistance on the way back we see the original “internet” (in the mist)stretched between the two buildings of the Gates Foundation. It actually is an “artists impression”

So if you thought today’s blog was a bore to read imagine living it ! I did finish the gift shopping for kiddies , just have to work out the packing tomorrow along with the four glasses have snaffled along the way

This afternoon looks like one of those where you take your Growler to the pub and say fill me up. Probably best I sign off now then

Or not . Maybe a laundary visit in this lousy weather . What to do while cycles do their thing ? Had the worst coffee in USA during wash cycle so quickly found a pub for longer dry cycle . The Unicorn fit the bill nicely. Hell, could have stayed for an extra spin cycle. Ya with me

All good things come to an end. Apart from the rain in Seattle it appears . The laundary was done

Which of course means I now feel like a , like a…..

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