Seattlandia Day 12 – HANKering for Culture and Sculpture

Posted: March 8, 2017 in Travel

So better start with usual Yoghurt then as only culture Yanks have 🙂

Today’s plan was to head to Seattle centre early to make sure nothing is open. Worked a treat ;( . Nice day weather wise so good for some early snaps before the GU descend

Anyhoo then took a short walk down to Olympic Sculpture Park where they had a sculpture of Thorpies head and other empty structures along with beautiful views of Puget Sound

By now it was time to go line up for Needle ticket and relatively small crowd so easy peasy. Cloud had started to come in by now but still a great view far and wide. It was freezing out on the deck and worried would drop camera when leaning out. So I didn’t

Next it was onto MoMop (formerly EMP) and this is one amazing museum. They had a Star Trek display on so wondered how many geeks had stayed on from Comic Con but then remembered they don’t wake until after noon. Whew

Now research had shown that the houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle was a mere cut lunch and a bus ride or a hearty 45 min walk . Had mingled enough so far so headed out on the walk on a pleasant cool day. Research had also told me that you would not get near the boat and realistically not a photo opportunity per se but you are only young once. In the smattering of photos I took is likely the houseboat and you can win a prize dear reader ( a one year subscription to this blog ) if u pick it. has assured me it is at least behind these gates! And is the section of road Meg almost got run over by truck. Bloody truck had one job eh….

So all in all a very productive morning though tiring . Time to do the double busser back home for a rest and correspondence and then head about a bit later for my one beer and a late lunch early dinner type of deal. Then time to plan tomorrow as sadly the week draws to an end . The weather changes so quickly that there will be no water activities done but Segway still a roughie . Also time to haunt some good coffee places , good being a relative term natch😏

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