Seattlandia Day 3 – And on the Third Day

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Travel

He rested. Never been able to sleep in even in the dark so naturally not a lot of sleep has been had and on top of a very busy 36 hrs feeling a bit flat this morning . Not hungover luckily . Weather looks same as yesterday and while not an issue then it is a tad depressing today when one just planned to let the city flow over you rather than just drip drip drip. Methinks in Portland it may clear during the day so hoping better after lunch. First up then a short walk to a new coffee place to try – World Cup – and my standard Cortado.



Given it is still only mid morning time to face that demon downstairs and not referring to The Gimp. Nope, it’s washing time. Not a full load – a feeling I am familiar with🤓 – but get the feel now and do another one on Friday as Seattle B&B has no on site laundary. Looks simple enough, time will tell.

As could be a long quiet day time to reflect on some USA specifics one is reminded off after first day or two. No electric kettles, all stove top . No toasters but rather toaster ovens – who has toast without a quart of cheese melted on top after all? The drivers are especially courteous to pedestrians in that you can be 3 m from curb and they are 50 m away and they will stop and wave you across! It’s unsettling at times. There is no road rage here except if you find a neighbourhood block without a pub or coffee roaster on the corner 😏 Have adopted my usual smart approach to eating on holidays to maintain my svelte figure given there will be drinking a lot ahead. No big cafe breakfasts but rather some toast and Mortadella picked up at grocer. Usually have a salad or similar lined up for dinner which allows for a pub lunch to soak up the alcohol in between. With plenty of walking as well plan seems to work. Even though you feel less toned after two to three weeks invariably only a kg or two over fighting weight. Brain cells on the other hand are lost forever. Apparently. Time to catch up on some On Demand TV while washing thingy goes round and round .

Washing done and dusted so head out for a walk and a bite of lunch at Kells Irish Pub. Ok, one beer . Very passable Shepherds Pie hit the spot nicely. Pick up the requisite “Keep Portland Weird ” T shirt and back home to plan the afternoon



Simple plan – go catch the Aerial Tram and don’t fall out. Done. Good view of the city and many bridges that cross the river . I was a bit Shaggus O’Murphy by now so dropped in for a quick coffee near home and then indoors to write this . Likely duck out for a beer after 4pm at one of the 738 pubs nearby and then in for an early night to recharge for tomorrow when we embark on a double barrelled (boom tish) beer tourathon starting mid morning and ending late night. A Sao biscuit with cheese to separate them.

Starting to think mid to late afternoon is best weather around here 👍





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