Seattlandia Day 2 – Neither Rain nor Sleet …..

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Travel

If I was a Postman I would be barring up about now with this forecast 🤓 Likely the snow will be more in mountains as Portland sits in a valley it seems. Happy Valley maybe?. Anyhow, not as if someone should be surprised it will rain today in Portland, the only surprise being that the weather folk have better darts here

Not a bad nights sleep at all from about 7:30 pm to 6 am this morning with the usual breaks during the night . Now once bowels catch up to northern hemisphere it will be sweet . Out and about early to get the vibe of the neighbourhood and pretty clear it is “wanna beer or coffee mate?” . I could do some real damage in about one square mile – notice how quickly converted from klms? Strangely no bars were open at 7:30 am Sunday morning – amateurs . So got some more groceries this morning as not quite functioning yesterday and all set if the rain sets in all miserable like – especially with on demand cable TV as well. Maybe a Bill Paxton movie 😰

Now CLP will attest to fact that my directional skills are a bit ordinary first up . Ok when I see it once but as a virgin invariably head wrong way . So have now worked out which streets run parallel to mine and which run at 90 degrees and how the system works – like 18th and then 19th …. weird eh. The streetcar could be well all I need for initial travel but will also try a bus today . Have brewcycle at 4:30 pm which will likely be cancelled but before that a trip into town . Not much point taking a lot of photos today – but I will of course . Do need a long sleeved top as did not pack one for some reason . TShirts and Coats of course but nothing in between. Although not ” bone chilling” you do notice it early morning once you leave the oven cleverly disguised as your rental. The phone doesn’t work as well, the nose stings a little Yada Yada Yada. Though the pubs were shut did have a very passable Cortado at Barista – this is a good bet in USA, only clowns order a cappuccino here





Set off under grey skies but no real rain and remembered how cold the hands get and difficulty of using phone ! Have already seen many iconic sights and have the photos to prove it!




Now that I have a grip on the public transport getting around town should be easy . Easy town to walk and despite Pre planning with bus routes likely catch Streetcar to ” downtown” and walk everywhere from there . As always the quirky photo opportunities abound but better stop here as still have Brewcycle to write about later , if capable 🤓



Always a chance Brewcycle could be cancelled so better slip in a beer just in case? Had a bit of clothes shopping to do anyway within walking distance and stumbled across Kells Irish Brew Pub at the end of the rainbow. Spooky eh. The golf was on so thought I would get a Nobilo natch – “ok that is a Sav Blanc Sir “. I knew that of course but if you want to be smart about it I will have a beer then ok. Almost got away with it……. Getting the feel for this Portland weather now – yes there will be rain but there will be breaks. Deal wth it



Very lucky with weather and so Brewcycle kicked off with a great group although we were two men down which makes a difference trust me. It’s a great concept but much harder than it looks – or else I am not in tip top shape ! The 3 pubs were indeed “dive bars” which was all part of the fun and of course the night ended too early . Or not 👀 After one last round back at Backpedal I was talked into this ghost tour starting at 10 pm. On a Sunday night . What could go wrong ?. Now this was a great group and so ” we shall call him Tim” got us an Uber across the river to Javiers Taco place as were a tad hungry by now . Jesus 2 was hanging out for a cigar while Jesus 1 picked up the tab. Another Uber back to Pioneer Square with me new best friends and a short walk to the locale of “Beyond Bizarre” 2 hr walking tour. Tip – rename Beyond Boring. I have been on a lot of tours and this is the worse one ever – maybe because a dry tour to be fair. The hostess seemed like a failed actress who kept telling us about scary things that may have happened in this parking lot or that parking lot . “Do you feel a chill now ?” ” No shit Sweetheart , its 0 degrees in this fucking parking lot at 11 pm! What do you reckon?” . Only saving grace at end was a Voodoo Donut:) Totally sober now which was not a bad thing and bid my friends adieu and got my first solo Uber in USA. Easy as, will do again. So tumbled into bed at 12:30 am and although there will be no hangover tomorrow will be a distinct lack of sleep. And aching legs I suspect. Still it was one hell of a night and end to first full day in Portland. I may not make the week.

And now I know what Jäger bombs are….








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