Seattlandia Day 1 – The Long Haul

Posted: February 26, 2017 in Travel

Always good to get a reasonable sleep the night before as pretty well awake for next 30 hrs plus. Novotel Brisbane Airport has a captive audience and charges accordingly but is a very comfortable lodging. Long term parking was prebooked for 07:30 amd so duly arrived at 07:31 and very smooth process . Check in was open also and all done and sorted and sipping champagne in Business Lounge by 08:10. This could get dangerous as Flight doesn’t leave for 3 hrs 🤓



Ok make that 4.5 hrs. 90 mins late leaving. These things happen but don’t treat us like idiots . Like update the info , don’t say “boarding soon” when not even a plane at the bloody gate . Just be honest , don’t say delayed til 11:45 when clearly not leaving until 12:30. Of course we made up an hour in the air and landed about 35 mins late . And then the nightmare begins at LAX. The initial processing is great but then you have to get your luggage , line up again and go through about 3 more checks. All in all 90 mins after landing I was asking a harassed lady so where is Alaska ? She said ” about 500 k north ” ” Ok thanks , just the airline will do at this stage ” Seriosly the signage is hopeless so you are always asking someone what do I do here no I have done this a few times ! Anyhow Alaska Airlines is in a termainl far removed from Qantas so my plan to spend a few hours drinking and eating in Lounge looked unlikely . Gate 66 beckoned with the great unwashed . After 10 mins I thought ” its 8 am I need a beer ” so went for a walk and out of corner of eye saw ” Alaska Lounge” . Being a Qantas partner , worth a crack. ” Of course Sir we welcome Qantas Club members” Yay . The next few hours passed quickly…. first US brew and it was free . Needless to say my Trump/ Clinton T shirt generates a few looks and comments but doubt too many know the Python connection



While on Qantas , the fleet is showing its age . Now one doesn’t complain in PE as still an excellent product but each time seems like some cost saving measure employed . No warm towels at start and finish anymore for example. The food is consistently excellent and you will not go hungry or thirsty but they don’t even come around and collect blankets at end. First world problems but as semi regular flyer you notice these things . Still a great airline of course

Alaskan ran well and on time and arrived in Portland feeling weary . Some lovely scenery on the way



Taxi drive to accomodation to meet owner and get lay of the land. Then asked about nearest public transport and mentioned the Tri Met app on iPhone.” Here let me show you ” . Ok where is my phone??? Figured I must have left in taxi and as luck would have it remembered the taxi ID number for some reason. Owner phoned for me and had phone back in 20 minutes luckily . Then it was time to get my US Sim for phone with a quick Streetcar and a few groceries before a quick FaceTime with CLP before collapsing into bed. Weather looks bit grim next few days





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