Posted: February 24, 2017 in Travel

And so the next adventure begins tomorrow and luckily I am a year older and wiser. Apparently. Certainly becoming an old, if somewhat blistered, hand at this solo travel caper. First up check the Holy Trinity of Pre Travel Checks – US Money, Passport, Liver . Tick Tick Hic.

Today will be spent celebrating birthday with various parts of the clan from some of the youngest to certainly the oldest! Being little Anal Annie that I am always travel down the day before a big flight just in case there is drama on the road or I sleep in. He He, never lost that sense of humour eh. Leaving Flashman Inc at Sunny Coast HQ gives me opportunity to catch up with da Beachmere Boys and remind them that just because Grandpa wont bring you back anything from OS doesnt mean he doesnt love you. If you disappoint kids early then it makes later life easier for them #grandparenting101. Then catch up with Mum and Sis for morning tea before heading over to Novotel Airport for the long wait.



Having already been spoilt for my birthday a couple of weeks ago it will be a quiet night with CLP before the fun begins tomorrow. And by fun I mean the Qantas Business Lounge with feed bag firmly in place for a couple of hours. In today’s edition of “what a small world we live in” found out yesterday that our Club Pro is also travelling on same flight but as he is the club Pro and not a touring Pro he will be down the fat end of the plane. Promised to save him some scorched almonds with the chocolate sucked off to get him through the arduous ordeal.

In last week or so people have been asking me the same question. Why are you so handsome ? To be fair I get that all year. They also ask “So why go to USA by yourself and what do you do there” I respond first up “To avoid annoying moronic questions” If I get a blank look I walk away . If I get a smile I elaborate. “Why Not ? ” Travel is an acquired taste I guess and the more you do the more you want. It offers different things to different people and what you yourself get out of it can be difficult to explain. Apparently . Choosing the destination of course is the first item on the list. Have been lucky to see many of the big cities in USA already and found out last year that while they still appeal returning to scene of crime can leave some gaps in the day to fill in. And women remember ya! Travel in a foreign land can be split into two categories largely – seeing da sights and living da life. Some cities like NYC have so many iconic sights to see that they can dominate your visit leaving less time for letting the city flow over you. Research is the key of course and I start early! By the time the trip rolls around then my Google Map is full to bursting with the “must sees” . If I see half the places listed in the week I will be amazed. If I visit half the pubs noted then I know it is Wednesday. Duh! Then the real planning starts. Usually book a few tours – Segway, foodie, drinkie etc. For a number of reasons this trip is slightly different

Portland and Seattle may not jump of the page as being on everyone’s bucket list in USA . Portland in particular is not noted so much for iconic structures but rather a way of life as in “Keep Portland Weird” . A nickname like Stumptown conjures up some interesting images certainly but is considered a friendly and laid back place – much like me then. Also known for its micro brewery and coffee scene so sounds like my sort of place – allowing for the fact of course that what Yanks call coffee is the type of stuff Trump is now allowing Coal miners to dump in the rivers again! Every town now has “craft breweries” up the ying yang but it seems Portland may have been one of the first cabs of the rank. It is also situated in a lovely area of the Pacific Northwest with many natural beauties just up the road like Mt Hood. This brings us to the second factor on this particular holiday and location – it is known to rain 24/7 at this time of year in both cities. I had to look up rain in Wikipedia to see what it was and actually sounds quite alluring. It does however put a dampener ( boom tish) on certain activities, particularly those outdoor adventures like a Segway. Going against all natural instincts I will be waiting to book them closer to the time. Of course pub tours are already done and sorted:) Of most interest could be the Brewcycle booked for first Sunday afternoon – at present showing sleet and rain predicted. Methinks there could be a cancellation coming. Oh well, a man can walk and pubs have roofs.

Seattle on the other hand has many well known structures like the Space Needle but this is where some research pays off as many locals suggest you get a better view, and less crowded , from Skyview on the 73rd floor in the Columbia Centre. Better still you can go to Starbucks on 40th floor and get a view for relatively nothing apart from a coffee enema! Research research research. One needs to acquaint one self ahead of the time with any peculiarities of the local transport system of course and download the appropriate app. In general never had an issue with getting around any city . Research also uncovers little gems like Bruce Lee gravesite is in Seattle. Who knew? For every Sleepless in Seattle landmark you may chase down there will always be that surprising sight you just stumble upon. Especially coming out of a Pub late at night 🙂 Would love to catch the Victoria Clipper up to Victoria BC for the day so can say have been to Canada as well but very much weather dependent. There is of course the danger I could make Trudeau, J look a tad ordinary so for the sake of international diplomacy I have to consider these issues

So all the planning is done and in a mere two weeks I will be able to start planning the next trip. Ok fair cop – continue planning the next trip! Its a full 12 months ahead as noted previously but already an idea has formed for the CCC trip early 2019 – Chicago, Cleveland and Charleston. Snow baby Snow. Future trips will likely be at least 3 weeks to boot as a fortnight does pass too quickly really although I did read that Trump was considering 8 day weeks in future so he can fit in two rounds of golf a week. Still to experience a Trump USA

All checked in and relaxing in room . So far so good #McQueenS

Later Suckers

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