The Fortnight That Was 14.2.17

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Better squeeze in one more before I jet off to far away lands. Consider it my Valentines Gift to all my secret (to the point of not even existing?) admirers. Passage of time is an interesting phenomenon. With 2 weeks to go until Seattlandia it seems like an age. Then you realise, hey I will be away for 2 weeks too. Yay. And then the time starts to fly and you realise, damn two weeks isnt a long time. A fortnight though ? Well that is different

The highlight of the fortnight was early birthday celebrations last weekend with CLP. Highlight for her of course that is 🙂 First a quick visit to Woomby to see some offspring that aren’t Asher Keddie and then whisked off to a secret location.




A secret no more. The Emporium at Fortitude Valley is a great hotel in a great location and really the Teneriffe area is becoming a firm fave . A quick unpack and off to a lovely massage and then a couple of beers at Green Beacon as you do. Back to hotel and up to rooftop pool to cool off and look at the beautiful people hog the 3 deckchairs. To be fair its a small roof. Probably a foreunner of our cruise next year. Apart from the beautiful people – it will be walkers at 10 paces methinks. Then off to a simply superb meal at Gerards Bistro where I finally learnt what lamb sweetbreads are. After I had eaten them! It was a share plate setup which worked a treat and the service was excellent. Highly recommended if you dont mind it a bit pricey. Or someone else is paying 😉





After that it was back to reality with a thump. Maryhole, not so cleverly disguised as Hell on Earth, was hot and dry. Poor golf course was suffering big time which is a tad tragic just as I was entering a purple patch of form. Beats the usual brown patches of late. At least there is optional tee up which sadly doesnt help my putting but has assisted in speed control at least. Of course the race is on as to which “news” outlet can have the scariest headline combined with the prettiest graphic. There is some serious shit going on here with devastating bush fires in parts but cant help but feel , much like a fire bug, some editors get off on it.

It didnt take long but officially Trumped out. Cant even get excited about return of Oliver, J as there simply is nothing new after 3 weeks of this circus. Of much more concern locally is the rise of Pauline Hanson. One can only hope that the antics of Trump may alarm some one nation supporters but that is a big assumption given most of them wouldnt even know where USA was ! Much like with the Democrats though the poor performance of the other parties allow these one idea idiots to gain some traction. People were mildly awoken this week when Talkbull get stuck into Bill Curly but as PK would say ” Amateurs Madam Speaker “and then rattle off the Abuse alphabet without pause. The glory days of King Bonza Rides Again. When one sees Hanson in action one cant help think of his classic line “all tip, no iceberg”

Speaking of low intellect taking over this wide brown land no clearer evidence then the continued production of shows like Married at ….. sorry I refuse to even say it. This realisation by producers that there is no need for thoughtful and clever productions has now seeped into an area that Aussies use to do well – the short biopic miniseries. The rot started with Brock and now has festered with Hoges. An interesting story to be sure but just so cringeful – Hoges and Noeline in bed talking about his “violet crumble starting to melt ” ? Help. Once again size matters. Get Lawson to play Reacher and Cruise to play Hoges .Done. Hoges was a smallish guy which most class clowns are – they are not physically intimidating and that is part of their charm. I will watch it because there are some great memories but seriously the only part they seem to have nailed is the black guy who gets his jacket ripped by “this is a knife”. Still there is plenty of good TV around and after getting hooked on The Crown great to read second series will have Dexter playing JFK. Now if there is one guy that slip through a big city doing all sorts of fun stuff without getting seen it is Dexter.

The Founder was a surprisingly interesting yarn about the birth of McDonalds – boy didnt those brothers get screwed over. Edge of Seventeen was a great coming of age story as well

And so viewers when next our hero returns it will most likely be from the Qantas Club in Brisvegas in 10 days time. Seattlandia was bedded down a while ago so as usual last week has been spent dealing with next years holiday and trying to get head around how it is cheaper to fly return to USA on special then it is to fly one way – as you need to do when catching a cruise in San Fran. When one asks on a forum , or even an honest Travel Agent, you are told ” What is your problem ,book return and just dont show up for second leg. Its what I do ” You check out other carriers then Qantas and usually that one nagging problem – like a stopover in Auckland first. So ,against all my instincts that planning is put on hold for now and we may just have to …… wait for it…… fly by the seat of our pants! There are bigger issues at present

Like, which beanie sets off my eyes the best ?



And of course the mandatory pre cold holiday no shaving for 2 weeks period has begun. Thank Me cool pleasant conditions are predicted to continue next fortnight…….. Might have to get the Whipper Snipper onto those eyebrows mind you.

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