The Week That Was 31.1.17

Posted: January 30, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

It was a week dominated of course by Buffoon Bob doing everything he said he would and the liberals jumping up and down. Now, dont get me wrong the guy is a dangerous asshat as is the crew he is assembling with him on iceberg watch. In fact in some cases they are more dangerous as some even know how politics works and how to get around the system as opposed to BB who just crashes through – even imaginary walls. Clearly the immigration ban is not well directed as indicated by many memes highlighting where the Terrorists active on US soil actually come from


Before we get too excited though lets acknowledge that Obama or Bush or Clinton did nothing against the Saudis either. It seems from afar that it is the sudden enactment of this order that has caused most chaos with dual citizens only aware on landing at destination. Its typical of his crash through philosophy. The other danger is the media jumping on everything and not reading the detail as highlighted by the nonsense with the Visa Waiver programme which had many news sources (quoting the same lone article) stating that any Aussie tourist travelling to USA from now on would first have to go to Canberra for a sit down interview. Pure nonsense but the masses bought it with the most common response being ” well who would want to go to America anyway, bunch of rednecks. Me and my sister/wife are perfectly happy herein Oztrayla” And this is why Pauline Hanson is still around

Now while his actions are deplorable can I also add I am sick and tired of the Hollywood folk using every awards stage as a pulpit and trying to outdo each other with their indignation and outrage. We get it we are with you . But she lost. And in part because of your celebrity support that does not sit well with Billy Bob from Bumfuck Idaho. In between all the headline grabbing news he has basically stated that he will never release his tax returns despite all the earlier promises? Follow up on that relentlessly ya gooses. Bill Maher is back and highlighted two very important issues for me on last weeks show. The future of USA is in the hands of any sane Republicans (the fix has to come from within) and Liberals need to stop apologising for everything

In happier news travel plans are moving apace. Seattlandia put to one one side briefly while I concentrate on “SS MoneyNow – A 3 week Cruise” and CLP fills in the blanks for “Between a Rock and a Soft Red“. The cruise is of course 12 months away but have been known to show a slight anal nature to planning and given our cabin number already locked in worth checking the pros and cons of said room. Now it would appear that your average cruiser is a fanatic of a particular brand. There already is a roll call for our cruise on one of the 3 forums I now follow. The Cunard line has a distinctly British flavour of course and it would appear that the general crowd are octogenarians who use to wear their fruit salad of medals from “The Big One” on their chest but now display their list of cruises in similar style in their “signature”. Seriously given the poor wifi reception on these cruises I am amazed these people can post of all – they hop off one cruise just to get on the next. After one day I have 3 firm friends and a maybe and could well be booked on a snorkeling half day trip in Bora Bora next year! I assume they switch their oxygen tanks for the scuba gear on board. The sight of scantily clad old Poms in the clear blue waters of Tahiti is keeping me awake at nights. They are of course very helpful to us noobies but I do feel I am almost entering a secret society but havent been given the special handshake yet. Can only assume there is probably quite a bit of shaking involved actually

As for our trip to the Red Centre and onto the Centre of Red much has been achieved for someone who still has a full time job. Uluru is of course a captive market and they dont miss you in the hip pocket region. The highlight should be the Field of Lights/Sunset Dinner/Pat a Camel first evening – as long as the camel is female. Should also see the Olgas and Kings Canyon (insert traditional owner’s name here if keeping you awake at nights) on way back to Alice before flying into Adelaide for the week long touring of the vine NSEW.

In the real world my day starts by getting up early and checking rain gauge. Sadly it cracked and broke 3 weeks ago so even if any rain would not know. Fair bet there wasnt any. Poor old golf course now has optional tee ups through the green 😦 Out to Woomby this weekend for the 3/4 trip – as in catch up with 4 of 6 grandkiddies before heading OS and explain to them that really Seattle and Portland are very dull and not worth bringing back any souvenirs for them. Then onto Brisbane for my surprise early birthday celebrations. I think the surprise will be if I actually make it to another birthday with all this brain activity of late. Luckily I found a liquid that can slow the brain down and back to normal

In TV land The Affair has finally finished Season 3 so can start my catch up so that afore mentioned addled brain can follow the complex twists, turns and timeshifts. In between the weekly shows like Gotham – which has really picked up of late – fill in the lonely hours

February dawns tomorrow of course which means getting closer to the Trifecta of Travel. Reminds me. Better make an appointment with Centrelink to explain how this is all possible for a reduntiree with no visible means of support.

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