Seattlandia Day 4 – 51 Shades of Gray

Posted: February 28, 2017 in Travel

So after a rough night of sleep was stunned awake just before 7 am by something bright shining through the little clear window above the bedroom doors leading out to back patio? Should I follow it and really see if there is a heaven or even a coffee place open this early? Quickly pulled on the sluggos – never travel without – and sunscreen , grabbed a towel and rushed to the front door and opened . It was gray outside . Was that a cow cut in half on the porch and I was under the dome? Quick check and still blue sky outback – here is one I prepared earlier


Ok wait 5 mins. Check again, that’s more like it


Probably just as well I didn’t venture further as still had PJs on under sluggos and wouldnt want to take any fans away from The Gimp downstairs . Let’s turn on TV and wait 3 mins for obligatory weather update and see if the world has changed while I slept. Nope, Trump is still President and Moonlight still won the Oscar – the blame game in full swing though. So should be a drier day today but still some rain around . Bearable considering it will mostly be indoor action today and not of the naughty kind but rather the sitting at a stool kind. Have 17 weather apps of course and the most reliable one I find is AccuWeather which gives you wonderfully confident predictions like “rain in 45 minutes for 4 mins 17 s” Tried to add Maryhole as a location and it came back saying ” Not worth it cobber the weather never changes . It’s hot and dry , deal with it ” Oh well some things remain the same . So when they decide to shoot the next sequel to 50 Shades of Gray just do a time lapse of a Portland morning sky and will even throw in The Gimp walking around neighbourhood for contrast . Coffee time while I wait and see if first tour goes ahead given only two signed up by yesterday

Ring Ring. Not good. Actually the Haunted Pub tour is cancelled for tonight due to 3 pikers pulling out. Oh well rebook for Thursday night – minus Mardi Gras special . Not the end of the world. Let’s slip in a Segway tour at noon that day to round it out

Tour looks good so let’s check out Powell’s Book Depository first and make sure no snipers lurking. Nope , but a couple of must reads



Ok half cut after another great tour . I know I am a DCM ( Designated chick magnet ) but this is getting serious . Apart from the young Lizzie as tour guide the only other participant was 22 yr old Floridian Chelsea . Better turn down the charm factor as in town all week – try the veal


3 breweries and full samplings and little food = full as a state school hat rack 🤓 Simply a great tour. In fact so good signed up for tomorrow again on the other side of the river and will work out transport logistics when I sober up. Should I be worried that Chelsea also signed up ? Once again shows that you should always do these tours – apart from Beyond Boring – when in town. Simple rule of thumb – alcohol involved = good. So a quick detour to 10 Barrels Brewing for lunch if for no other reason then to shake Chelsea and then walk home to book tomorrow’s tour. Damn that keyboard looks small…..











And finally amongst all this frivolity a shout out to my wonderful daughter and the Rx4s. A tough time these last few days but an amazing young lady, a wonderful partner Richard and a beautiful boy Ryan. Just hope Rocky is coping ok 😏 It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun and forget what really matters in life


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