The Extended Period That Was – 7.1.17

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

See what I did there? Yeah its been awhile but has been a busy time travelling and visiting and eating and drinking. To be fair I do the latter duo 12 months of the year – ironically often while writing this nonsense. Couldnt tell eh ?

Xmas was celebrated this year in Brisvegas in a decamped version of Flashman Inc Sunshine Coast HQ. Oddly, still woke up in a tent. CLP often scores gigs house sitting around this time of year but have requested in a future a pool must be included. Lovely Xmas spread as always and was lucky enough to have the Ferguson Matriach with us as well this time. Yes Mum, that white meat was turkey – got ya!



Of course Xmas is all about kiddies so having seen the cutie patooties @Beachmere before Xmas it was time to head out to Toowoomba on Boxing Day to see the Fab Four @Woomby. All are well and healthy which is great and young Ryan is progressing well.



Later in the week the three and two got together in Beachmere for some cousin fun. Hopefully much more time together to be spent in coming years


So, 2017 rolled around and it was a quite affair back at Maplehead. I did hear some rumblings around midnight but to be fair it could have just been my stomach. Of all the memes and images this one tickled my fancy with the catch phrase “Have a Blast”. Non Haematologists may miss the sheer brilliance of this but trust me its good


Lets start 2017 off with my pet peeve which shows no sign of diluting – certainly not through rain anytime soon! Yes its weather forecasters. I have come to accept their non repentant arrogance will never disappear but was especially galled by an article in the local rag stating that a meteorologist had debunked the theory a “dome” existed over Fraser Coast and get your umbrellas ready as more rain was on the way this week. The first thing of interest to note here was the said meeting with Meteorologist took place at an open air cafe despite his own prediction of rain that day. He was wearing a singlet, shorts and thongs with sunscreen on. Of some hope was the ridicule and scorn laid down on this clown by my fellow local sufferers via the comments section. For the latecomers to this issue let me explain my stance. Its a science isnt it? Its funded at least in part by Government ie us! As someone previously associated with the world of science in its many forms I know of no other science that could get it wrong so often and still exist let alone publish anything. Even the Flat Earth society laugh at them. Basically its as simple as this – if weather is as predictable as you appear to claim then get it right once a month; if it is not predictable beyond the next 23 minutes then stop giving long range predictions ya clowns.

In the land of sport I may just have to accept that Warner, D can bat. He is not just a slogger but actually a gifted player and the main reason Australia can bowl a side out twice despite a largely docile attack – we score our runs quickly. Renshaw is developing and Handscomb looks the goods but please just shut the fuck up about Lyon. He is average at best and eventually the batsman makes a mistake because he is sick and tired of hearing “Nice Gary” .The recording is actually edited. What Wade is really saying is “be Nice Gary if you actually spun one now and again” I never understood the connection to an AFL player with a different spelling anyway

TV land has been pretty quiet although some shows starting up again. Good time to watch some docos and specials. I especially like the Kennedy Centre Honours every year and can only imagine next year when Trump honours Duck Dynasty. Has been a quite couple of weeks with satirical shows taking a break and Trump having a largely free run to keep sprouting nonsense. Strange times ahead.

2016 will be remembered for a while as a year of many significant deaths of which it was mostly the celebrity ones that took up oxygen rather than someone like Dr Henderson who eradicated smallpox but somehow the Kardashians survived. The joke rolled around often is how is Keith Richards still alive . Just shows you that you just live your life day to day and whatever will be will be, que sera sera. OMG Doris is still alive isnt she?? In a daily feed chock full of a lot of self adulation and pointless commentaries it was always the simple images that struck me and none more so than this one. It is at times transfixing


Of course not all images are clever but rather just funny. Lets kick off 2017 with one that made me smile. Yes its true. A new year dawns and going to give this smiling caper a chance. Well at least until I see the next interview with a meterologist……


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