The Week That Was – 12/12/16

Posted: December 11, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Yeah I am getting slack but to be fair it is because I am actually doing stuff. When it is not 37 in the shade. Very pleasant weather at present actually and I may have to break out a T Shirt soon and put the singlet away. Enjoy it while it lasts because Hell on Earth will return shortly no doubt

Main activity this last week has been the 6 pack visit. First up to Toowoomba to see Ratbags x 3 and Ryan x 1. 30 mins with ratbags tires me out so do that first then can sit in comfy chair and nurse Ryan for 30 mins and catch my breath.




Was staying in Brisbane on Friday night for CLP work party so a relatively short trip back down the range and relax at Stamford Plaza for a few hours. Should have been an even shorter trip down range but always is that one truck that is not happy to do 10 kph down range when it can overtake and do 15 kph! Seriously, there was molasses flowing down the hill that was rushing by me. Was moderately sensible at party sticking to only beer before a very pleasant river cat home. Once again, continue to be impressed by Brisbane these days as a happenin place especially around Riverside. Strange though that we were celebrating South Sydney Rabbitohs I thought


So woke up none the worse for wear and tucked into a rather substantial breakfast at Stamford before heading off to Beachmere to see the elves. There really seems to be a competitive market in Brisbane these days with hotels so if patient can usually get a breakfast and valet parking thrown in for free. Valet parking costs of $50 are another pet hate of mine. Also got to see Baylee who was your typical excitable lab puppy.



So it was a busy but very enjoyable couple of days and likely to be repeated around Xmas. Tis the time of year to be surrounded by joyous and excited children.

Other stuff happened I am sure but nothing spectacular springs to mind. I got to the end of Westworld because I said I would but like many critics, as opposed to the rabid online crowd, I was underwhelmed. And confused at times. The Missing Season 2 on the other hand was excellent. Many shows are signing off for the year which allows one to watch lesser known shows which occasionally end up being a pleasant surprise. And old movies. Did my Pretty in Pink/Some Kind of Wonderful obligatory December watch which just leaves National Lampoon Christmas Vacation and Love Actually to go this month. And even watched Magnificent Seven – the real one – with CLP for a wonderful Saturday arvo matinee like the good old days

Aussies find some cricket form which we all know is fleeting. Expect the Paki bowling attack to find them out especially if a facing new pink ball at night. Trump continues to make some scary choices for his cabinet but no surprises there. And Seattlandia is a touch over 2 months away.

Life is good

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