The Week That Was – Dec 1 2016

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Only one event happened this week of any significance – the safe arrival of Grandchild Number 6, a production line with a strong male bias. As a youngun we were taught the importance of the 3Rs, which clearly did not focus on spelling as being helpful later in life. In 2016 it is Rheannon, Richard and Ryan. As stated in other media commitments I stand in awe of women in general and mothers in particular. When said mother is also your flesh and blood then it is that much more special. No gory details here as only mothers understand the combined pain and joy of childbirth while fathers just try and say the right things. Ryan will face some challenges early in life as many do but with strong loving parents and the support of family, friends and select groups it will get done. It is the age of technology so forewarned is forearmed I guess and it is onward and upward form here. Mum has not presented for any photos yet so stick with da boys for now πŸ™‚ Grandad will start snapping tomorrow



Some other stuff happened. Apparently. As a youngun arrives it is perhaps no surprise that the old fools still have not learnt. With Armaggeddon Heat wave on way it was good to have Wednesday Golf breakup done and dusted yesterday. In fact very dusty. Normally I have a couple of shandies after golf and drive home like a responsible , if somewhat boring, citizen. Yesterday the shackles were off to wet baby’s head but also simply to relax with da boys over , well more than a couple. Duly picked up by nominated sober wife and then proceeded to play like a busted ass for most of the day. To be fair it was the return of the feared stroke round (“count em all sucker”)and when you lose your ball in a bunch of 1 tree and a single shrub on only the second hole , rehit and finally walk of with a 9 on a par 4 your mood dampens somewhat. It then becomes “the match” (ie winning schooner) that is all that matters and so did a bit for a few holes until come to the 8th and for some reason try the 225m carry over water from tee and to be fair only missed by about 5 m. Another triple. Back on track, down the 14th pull second shot to the left and it likely found the 1 foot wide only creek on the course and that was that fellas. NCR. Hoges held the team together and we duly won schooner bet. And then started a couple of rounds as you do. The rest is a blur. I got a lift home apparently. The point of interest for moi though is that I know a lot of folk who do this regularly and while I understand built in tolerance it does baffle a bit how they function in society. Needless to say, next week will be back to my usual 2 beers. Plus winning schooner of course. Its only Max and John afterall πŸ™‚

The Aussies won the Who Cares fixture with pink ball and now the selectors are hailed as visionaries. One swallow does not make a summer but does make a girl popular. Most talk seems to be on how slow the new opener is and while not a big deal in itself one must take into account the pressure it may put on the other batsman. You dont have to hit every second ball for 4 son but you do need to rotate strike and get a single every 4 overs or something.

US politics rolls along with the antics of Buffoon Bob alarming some but surprising none. His twitter rants are still mildly amusing because he aint top dog yet but he wont change. As always as scary as he may be it is his appointment of some people to positions of power that really send the chills up the spine. Not sure whether it was his election or the passing of Mrs Brady that finally did old Fidel in. There are some things even a dictator cant live without. Thank Me for reruns

In TV land have to say very impressed with Chewing Gum on Netflix. Next up is Kick Ass. Boom tish. Its a bizarre comedy that is hard to describe but do yaself a favour. With all the buzz about Gilmore Girls returning went back to watch some of season 2 before I go into diabetic coma again. Its an easy watch but think one season a month is about my limit. Devoted fans know of my lecherous leanings towards Ms Fey but have to say she is rather quiet these days so good to have Ms Wiig step up to the plate. The beauty of youtube means I dont have to sit through a whole episode of SNL to get to the good bits. And when she is joined by that other goofball, well it is just magic

We had a few spits over the weekend and the grass shoots did spring up until beaten back down by the return of the heat. The pending heatwave approaching is really getting some forecasters in a lather – and it hasnt even started yet. While it could well have serious implications for bushfires etc you cant help but think some of them just love to have colorful maps to play with. And alarm at times. It will be hot and unpleasant as it always is this time of year. Maybe a degree or two hotter but what can you do ?

Drive to Woomby of course.

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