The Week That Was Still Happening – 19.11.16

Posted: November 18, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Yeah it has been a long week or a short gap – take your pick – but looking at my Facebook posts there have been a few things happening last couple of days that drew my attention. Speaking of FB lets all recognise NUD courtesy of Kimmel. Its National Unfriend Day for Facebook and really does make sense. Watching a lot more Kimmel these days and the examples of inane posts some people , well post I guess, is spot on if troubling.

I especially liked the one about Lori the Mom. Not sure why…..

The other option of course would be a Festivus dinner but it is still only November. Speaking of Xmas in this global world of globality any chance Curb that you could release a “pretty pretty good Xmas” garment that wasnt a bloody jumper or sweater?? Not everyone has a white Xmas ya know. Another grioevance to add to the list.

Looking at Elaine in the clip above and “Two Face episode” (and how great is that every Seinfeld is now on Stan!) in general have to say the appearance of Hill the Dill at a public function this week was distracting to say the least. Kudos for fronting up but then she has always been a tough hombre. One should not dwell on her appearance of course as it says nothing about her as a person but it was a significant departure from the norm. One can only hope she gets the right booth next time she and Bill go to Tom’s in NYC


Trump appointments continue to alarm if not surprise. In a week when everything seems to have a tenuous link to Seinfeld it was disturbing to think that Bannon made a lot of his fortune from the success of one of your fave TV shows ever. Yada Yada Yada – Serenity Now! Speaking of Trump there is of course a new challenge every week and the latest one is #trumpiscoming whereupon when said words are spoken everyone drops what they are doing and runs screaming from the location. Rather than new challenges every week I think it is time to combine a couple as would be a lot more fun. Lets start with #mannequin and #trumpiscoming. Seems like a natural fit. These challenges do remind me in part of old WBSG conferences back in the early 80S when some of the gang like Milipore and Bacon would fall flat to the ground on first meeting. Ahead of their times. There may have been a key word involved but really those conferences were rough affairs and my memory is limited. Lucky I can still spell WBSG actually. Even cumudgeon Bill O’Reilly admitted this week that Obama was the coolest cat that ever occupied the House of White and reminded me of the number of musical events held there over the 8 years or indeed at the Kennedy Centre honouring a famous artist. Can you imagine Trump hosting a similar event ? After 3 months of duelling banjos the crowd wont turn up trust me.

In sporting world the SA team continue to look like prize gooses. Amal fronts a news conference with whole team to support Faf the Lolly Sucker and this “silly joke”. Steyn tweets that Aussies are soft and sore losers. Ok clowns sorry to introduce some facts into your privileged and ignorant life but the Aussies had nothing to do with the complaint , it was ICC driven. Guess who is CEO of ICC – South African Dave Richardson! Ya cant write this stuff. And for Anal Amal to suggest he has no idea how anyone could use a lolly to enhance swing is pathetic. You won it easily regardless of any ball tampering but you lost out big time in the brains department. Too many red frogs maybe ?

In actual good sporting news Roy and HG will return next year to Triple M with The Sporting Probe. Can never get enough of these guys

TV land hums along with many of the “big shows” coming to their mid season hiatus which allows for some lesser known to shine or wither on the vine. Of course some of the best shows ever will never get a second season because they dont rate well in Trumpland – no surprises. As mentioned previously watch a lot more Kimmel these days and enjoyed his interview with Billy Crystal who had nothing but nice things to say about recent tour of Aussie land where the audiences – including CLP – were great and well behaved. Kimmel of course may well have been playing the straight man card but expressed surprise that Aussies dont have open carry and voting is compulsory etc. Of course not long before the Yank fascination with our “deadly creatures” makes its appearance. With TV on the wane a tad always good to catch up with some old movies and this week was Lulu time warp week. Having sat through AB FAB 2016 and seeing Lulu looking rather excellent it was jolting to sit back the next night and watch To Sir With Love and realise she is 68! Neutron Bomb was always a gold standard for maintaining appearance as aging but Lulu blows her away amd makes her look like, well…. Hillary I guess 🙂 The movie is a firm fave and must surely hold the record for the number of times the same song is played throughout the movie in a variety of forms

Good weekend for watching sport on TV actually with Aussie Golf Open on and 3.5 Nations drawing to a close. And so will leave you with this last meme which made me laugh, mostly because it reminds me how pathetic Parra are these days


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