The Week That Was – 17.11.16

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

And so the world has not ended. Unless your name is Adam Voges of course – more later. Now the dust has settled it seems more and more apparent to me that Trump doesnt really want the Presidency and certainly did not understand the scope of the job or the restrictions it places on his life now. I think he expected to lose and whine a lot about it afterwards while using it all to promote his brand. He had billions of $ of publicity and basically charged everything else back to “his campaign” A simple sign not much will change , at least if they get away with it, was Ivanka Trump plugging her jewellery line in the 60 minute interview (later blamed on an intern of course). He really expects to employ the Von Crapp family in significant positions in the White House with full security clearance! Oh, and they can still run his empire. Doesnt want to live all the time in the White House. Imagine the chaos on 5th Ave when Buffoon Bob is staying “in for the night”. I suspect he has a sharp learning curve ahead so better hold onto his hat – or at least his hair. Now that Fox News have lost their golden (with a tinge of orange) goose time to start a little public spat between Kelly and O’Reilly to remain in the news 24/7. Got nothing against Kelly at all but she hardly seems worthy of a memoir unless she cured cancer or something when I wasnt looking. The transition looks as shambolic as expected and while many fear the President elect you may want to run the slide rule over his inner circle. And then run

Speaking of Shambolic – Aussie Cricket. Its got to the point where I simply dont care anymore let alone watch. There would be several millionaires in the team and yet only 4 guaranteed a spot next test. Over paid wankers. Mind you we are not the only fools. Our batsmen cant even find the pitch let alone the ball and still Faf da Goose feels the need to doctor the ball. Does he even understand what cameras see these days ? The 3.5 Nations is coming to predictable conclusion but dont be surprised if a totally different Kiwi outfit present on the weekend. You heard it here first folks. Aussie Golf Open starts today and Badds.Com still thinks he can be World Number 1. Talk about the power of prayer! Always a good event to watch though

In TV land the Shooter movie has been turned into a TV series – shock horror. It was an enjoyable movie so could work and why bother with original programming anyway. The UK show Paranoid ended up a disappointment but The Level was good. Sharon Horgans latest Divorce is not bad at all although THC is very one dimensional and SJP still looks like she got caught in a rainstorm and the mascara has run again. The writing is good though which is what counts. Designated Survivor and Madam Secretary take turns with “hot topic” week whether it be Muslims or Immigration as it was this week. I tell ya if Hill the Dill had done 10% of what Teabag achieves every week she would be President for Life. Samantha Bee will be the Jon Stewart for the Trump term and well worth a look. Sometimes you just want a few minutes of stupidity to brighten your day and none better than Billy on the Street. In small doses

In Couples Therapy land ya cant teach an old dog new tricks. Let alone common sense. At a party on Saturday night where the wine came by the case and it was free and even bought out to you. No driving involved so the shackles were off. I can tell you though that walking to the Rivercat late at night, getting on board and then not falling off until reached home did require some concentration. The night breeze did of course freshen one up so lets have a nightcap at Fridays Riverside ! When will one ever learn


It was the week of the Supermoon. Apparently. Many great memes fed off this apparent fascination but my fave was


It was also the week the weather bureau got it right for once in Maryhole. Couple of big storms , very localized at times and in Maryhole it was mostly Tinana that copped it including hail. Roll the tape


And finally it was the week that one of the better, and long lasting, impressions MAY have come to an end and also the passing of the great Leonard Cohen. Only fitting then to end with a great sign off to both

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