The Week That Was – 17.1.17

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

All the sevens. And some ones. So, basically nothing special. Proceed

Another week of searing heat and dire forecasts. High Temperatures seems to be the one thing the bureau gets right occasionally and dont they just cream their jeans with their red and orange maps that literally self implode before your eyes. Mind you when they say 32 they mean 35 so who knows what a predicted 39 this weekend will actually be. Of course also another week closer to Seattlandia where everyone complains about the cold and snow. They want our weather, I want theirs and so it goes. Facebook welcomed me yesterday with cheery note “Good Morning David , enjoy the Sunshine today” Well no I wont actually because it loses its appeal on the 117 th straight day

Of course also means that D Day, as in The Donald, is almost upon us. As mentioned in other media commitments many struggling acts use the ‘will we wont we” scenario regarding the Inauguration piss up as a means of getting some easy publicity. Trust me, dont care and wont think any less of you either way because basically that would be impossible. Hollywood continues to act as if they can still reverse it while Trumpy thinks he is still campaigning. Surely Hil’s loss clearly showed how out of touch Hollywood is with most of America and yet they continue on with the self congratulatory moralising road show. Move on folks. Trumps first presser in a while was rather scary as in really thought by now he would start to act a bit precedential 🙂 Again with the hilarious props of unmarked manila folders. Pity the poor work experience student who has to file them later. “But none of the folders are marked?” “Doesnt matter stupid, they are empty anyway. By “filing” we mean the big blue bin outside”. It was like a campaign rally more than a press conference. Interesting times ahead. Still. Obama has more farewell gigs than John Farnham.

In sporting world suddenly Warner cant find his ass with both hands and as usual the much vaunted batting line up invariably finds themselves 4-40 because they all think the next guy coming in is really good. The BBL has been good as always. Luckily PGA golf has started up again and only fitting that after the Golden Globes we now get to see fit young multi-millionaires swanning around in Hawaii for two weeks. Luckily the real tournaments start soon but sadly the Oregon Open is not played next month. At least we can laugh at the multimillionaires sweating in the heat at the Tennis. The NRL was suffering under a lack of publicity so released the Kraken to stir up some news and they did not disappoint.

Shows are slowly returning in TV land which is both good and bad. Started up second half of latest Vikings season and it is rather good again after quite a lull. Never been a massive Always Sunny fan but have to say the first two episodes of season 12 were very good. Of course at this time of year TV takes a back seat as the Festivus miracle of Screener season descends. It was a slow trickle at first but now a steady flow #trump#goldenshower. Apparently you can download these somehow and watch them without going to the cinema? In this heat the cinema looks a better bet. Well at least after school starts up again. And Maryhole actually gets a cinema.

All in all a rather quiet week as happens with this heat. The energy levels are low while the AC is high. Its a period to get through and emerge the other side hoping that eternal optimism has not diminished. Seattlandia pretty well locked in now although hard to prebook too much given the general negative weather reports .Pubs have roofs – research done. At least dont have to worry about that here in Maryhole although well worth it for the shade factor



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