The Week that Was 15.5.16

Posted: May 14, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Winter is coming. Actually it has come and gone. Two cool nights were enough to suck this LBD into getting the flanno sheets and PJs out so now we have a sauna at night. Still it was glorious while it lasted especially early in the morning out on the golf course. Speaking of which I now have to relearn the SFM handshake having come into 9, if only momentarily


In other sporting news the field was cleared for Parra to come storming home . And then they tripped over the first hurdle. 12/15 suddenly became 12/14 but suggest they really start worrying when it becomes 9/7 because maths has never been their strong point. Apparently. Barnyard Nodick pulled out early from the Olympics and Australians rejoiced. If only his father had done the same 24 yrs ago. Mind you the Rio Olympics site at present looks like the municipal dump after a heavy downpour so cant expect our millionaire “amateur sportsmen” to risk it just for the glory. Then they have the chance of getting a little prick from something of the small and flying variety and one thing we dont need is any more pricks causing nuisance in our national sporting teams. Golf moves to TPC Sawgrass this weekend with the final 3 holes coming a close second behind Augusta Back 9 as the must see viewing event for the plaid pant clad brigade. Jason had a Day out in round one – yep I can do the corny one liners with the best of them

In TV land Good Wife ended with a slap more than a bang. General consensus was it was not a great series finale but not Dexter bad. A few loose ends left hanging but it was a great 7 season run with some of the best recurring guest characters going around. Locally Stan released their first original with a 6 parter Wolf Creek yarn. It was more a “tough girl” story than the original two movies but a worthy addition to the catalogue and will always applaud Stan and Netflix for original material, especially when a local flavour. Certainly 10 times better than all the reality crap that keeps getting served up as “new programming” I would suggest a crossover show that would be a massive hit. The loser each night on The Bachelor et al has to go on a date with Mick Taylor. To the Outback. One Way. The Americans is currently the best drama on TV and even had a dragon until Martha left 🙂 GOT continues its slooooooooow build for the season. With the third episode HBO indicated they were getting serious about the piracy issue. Luckily your average pirate is a lot smarter than Johnny Depp and certainly less arrogant.

Always looking for an excuse to tap into Ant’s cellar and this weekend we came up with Claude’s Birthday bash. The gang gathered and drank and ate and then drank some more. Started with the Penfolds Bin 389 circa 1997. It was so old that my LFTs were still normal when first bottled. In what was becoming a theme then moved on to the 2000 vintage and then 2006. After 3 bottles I thought I better leave the cellar and actually join the party upstairs or else people may notice. Always up for a laugh with Bruce so we decided to substitute the next offering with a Bowlers Run 2014 Shiraz. Yep I was surprised too as assumed they automatically imploded after 1 year in a bottle. The look on Ant’s face when he took the first mouthful was worth the price of admission. Which was free by the way so do the math – but dont ask the Parra board for help. When he spat the mouthful out over the railing and it landed on the roof of Bruce’s car thus stripping the paint off one could say justice was served I guess.



The rest of the day was a blur but was in bed by 7 pm after a bread roll for dinner. As the old adage goes ” Early to bed and early to rise makes one dull as batshit and not very wise” .May have lost something in the translation. Still, driving home this morning as the sun rose over the horizon was indeed glorious. Once you get past the fog at Gimpland of course. Old Whiskers should get a big vacuum cleaner and just suck up all the fog. Or for that matter all of Gimpland. Just leave the Maccas behind ok . So another weekend comes to and end , not that weekends mean a lot in my life. But something that does took place on Friday which of course was the 13th. Harry had his first disco at Kindy with a spooky theme. Seinfeld sent over some excess puffy shirts and he went as a ghost. Actually an excellent sewing job by Jas was involved #sewimpressed.



Well I did warn ya

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