Weekend at Bernies

Posted: May 23, 2016 in Travel

Back in my productive era, and especially in the 80s, we regularly interacted with Company Reps as they traveled the state peddling their wares. These were good times with no FBT or Drink Driving laws. Ok, one of them is a sensible law true. No work was done after 5 pm but plenty of play and so originated the best morning after diet – TCTS and a quart of strawberry milk around 10 am the next day. Of course back then, like with most things sadly, could go again the next night …….. One such rep was Bernie Cooper and so when planning a weekend touring the South Burnett Wine region with CLP were pleasantly surprised to see he and wife Judy now run a Winery and B&B. If you are going to do justice to a winery visit then I think a bed on site is a must. And a short walk downhill to such lodgings


Of course first up was a visit to the Grandsprogs and there is a smattering of them in Toowoomba. It was Jessica’s birthday last week and Pat the Lad’s this week. Caught up with D2 as well and then started the trek with a sadly sick (and getting worse) CLP as my tour guide and navigator. She was so sick that she was my Girl Friday but didnt turn up until Saturday! So ensuring she only coughed to the left we headed off to first stop Bunnyconellen where there was not a rabbit in sight. Low energy place but lovely hosts and so hooked into first wine for the day. And an olive for the protein value. Then onto Kingaroy and the Taste South Burnett store in town. Sort of a multi cellar door for those that cant be half assed to drive down a dirt road to an actual cellar door. Our host Shannon could talk under wet cement if only to highlight the year and texture of the gravel but we had a very enjoyable ploughmans lunch. Bet he was pissed off when he came back to his table and saw his lunch gone but this is the country fella. Then onto our winery and our wonderful hosts. Unpack and hook into the cellar door as you do but had to take it easy as had a special dinner (with hosts) planned that night and given our location driving would be involved. However I am a gracious guest if nothing else so when Bernie suggested we have a drink before we head out I could hardly say no. Let alone speak. So our little group of 4 shared two bottles of the local bubbles and then headed off for dinner at the rather amazing Cassis at Booie. If you ever get the chance go there, it is simply excellent fare and great value


Next morning we woke up. Surprisingly. Today was a driving tour of wineries on da loop through Moffatdale but first a visit to the Lavender Farm. Prince would have been happy and we did see the only gay in the village. And we had lavender scones for some reason. Still picking it out of my teeth but my breath is to die for. Then onto our first winery – Clovelly Estate – which despite big signs on main road saying “OPEN” it was in fact closed once you drove down obligatory dirt road. Ok, early on. Next onto Bridgeman Downs with clear sign stating “Cellar Door Open”. Sounds promising. “Ah no sir we can only sell wine with food”. What is this?? Have I passed through a wormhole and entered the fucking cheese shop sketch from Monty Python? This crap could drive me to drink. If only I could find one! They say the third is the charm and for once they were right. We went onto Dusty Springfields Winery on a Hill and had a great time at cellar door and then onto lunch at Prendergast’s Irish Tavern on site. All that was left then was complete the loop back through Wondai et al and a last stop at the Peanut Van. I naturally assumed it would be in the shape of a cashew but was sadly disappointed. Time then for a relaxing few hours back home before we ate our hot breakfast pack from that morning for dinner as you do when you have a big one the night before. BBQ on site and even had some left over for breakfast next morning before hitting the road and heading home to Flashman Inc @ Sunshine Coast

Was a lovely weekend and would highly recommend visiting the region and both staying at winery and eating at Cassis. This will become a regular weekend retreat for us methinks when time, money and liver allow. Sadly CLP did not improve over the weekend so had her put down the next day

And by down I mean tucked up in bed with butter menthols and a box of tissues. All I needed was ear plugs.

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