Thank Me Its Friday

Posted: May 5, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Speaking of a fake Deity worshipped by many, Trumpy Von Trumpster has defied all the critics and naysayers. Yes he kept that wig in place for 12 months. Which is surprising given the amount of hot air emanating a mere 3 inches below and every man with small hands knows that magic number. Like Big Mal will likely find out in a couple of months its not so much that the masses love you but rather they dislike the other guy more. This will of course be a contest between two candidates with the highest “unfavourables” in recent history. Most things are black and white for your average Yank so this is not that surprising. Two critical issues will impact on The Donalds run in my view. His choice of VP and voter turnout. Will the “never Trump” brigade vote for HillBilly or just not turn up? Trump’s unpopularity with women was of course confirmed by lack of endorsement from the Bushs or anything Bush related 🙂 Maybe he should stick to Mexican hairless for next wife ? Many folk, especially offshore, cant accept that DT could ever be elected to President. Did anyone really think Arnie would get the California gig? Now Arnie and DT are similar in a way except you can understand everything DT says – which of course is a big negative to him! That is naturally different to accepting everything he says as fact. In news involving an actual believable POTUS, BO again showed he is the coolest cat in town at the Special Correspondents dinner. Yes it is scripted but the man can deliver a line and gives the sense he could handle the odd heckler or two – that is if the 130 kg SS guy standing off to the side didnt first. My fave putdown of his involved Kendall Jenner given its subtlety and the look on her face.

In TV land finished the 4th season of Vikings and it was very good again although not as good as previous seasons with Ragamuffin wandering around half dazed for most of the season. Line of Duty Season 3 was excellent of course and as with any six pack can be knocked off in one session if dedicated and no life. Tick. Tick. Have held off starting The Americans season 4 as long as humanly possible but finally gave in and not disappointed. Have been catching up on some old Julie Rafter episodes of Halifax FP which certainly shows its age both in the acting and actors. Turning down a young Hughy J?? Come on girl. Does also confirm the long held view that Deborah Lee Furnace is also gay apparently. Movie wise caught the Netflix “production” of Special Correspondents. Gervais is a one trick pony for me and if u like that you wont be disappointed. Norma Bates almost saved it but not quite

Sport has been dominated of course by the slippery Eels. Most seem to think it is fair, I would suggest they got off lightly. The Todster didnt want to see anymore souls destroyed which is ok for fans and maybe even some players but some assholes do need to be destroyed. Watching Choc try and keep a straight face while saying he would fall on his sword for his team mates was fun. I mean the guy would have to be held up by said team mates before he could fall on anything. I was sent out to pasture early for a lot less money but at least could still walk. Well, 9 holes anyway….. The merry go round of which spoilt tennis brat to hate the most took a sharp turn this week when everyone thought Kyrgios was home and hosed but then Tomic flashed down the outside and won by a half head. Which is kinda appropriate. On the local front am approaching a unique and somewhat embarrassing possibility. Have been stroking it quite well lately – golf you naughty folk! – and so handicap is a very respectable 10. For a laugh also play 9 holes on Fridays which has an individual and specific “handicap” system based on whether you win a ball each week in sweepstakes. If u do, drop 2 strokes on handicap; if you dont blow out 1. This afternoon will stand on the first tee with a 9 hole handicap of 9 with a dicky back from hand raking bunkers this morning. Next week then has the real possibility of my 9 hole and 18 hole handicap being the same especially if second shot this afternoon is played from the 10th fairway!. It could be worse I guess, I could go off like a frog in a sock next Wednesday and my 18 hole handicap drop below my 9 hole !

On the home front today actually marks 14 yrs with CLP. Given its easy divisibility by 7 there could be a joke about dog years in there but I am above such trite nonsense. A lot has happened in that time and I can remember most of it. Facebook tried to suck me into Pastbook app last night where you can get a printed copy of a years memories for as little as $29.95. Ok , so when 2015 ran to 595 photos and a price of $70 US I knew I had plenty of memories to cherish but if I am going to get ripped off by US currency conversion I am going to be sitting on the beach in San Diego, not leafing through a photo album in Maryhole. More memories will no doubt be created when we head off in a couple of weeks for a weekend drive around Kingaroy Wine district. On second thought we could probably walk it 🙂 Been a great 14 years kiddo. May is a busy month indeed with many birthdays for kids and grandkids of the Ferguson persuasion and hope to catch up with them all. A simple visit from Grandad is enough in these hard economic times right ?

Life is good. At least until something better comes along.

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