Friday on My Mind

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

As yet another music legend passes seems only appropriate to remember an earlier loss with Aussie flavour. Not sufficiently endowed (!) with music knowledge to fully appreciate the impact of someone like Prince on the music world but can easily accept it was significant. One of a kind . If I was Paul McCartney I would look both ways before crossing the street now.

My Financial Advisor has asked to be introduced as an “old Polo mate” , and not my Financial Advisor, at any future social gatherings as infrequent as they may be. I think he was trying to subtly imply something so time to review my capacity in the wallet lightening caper. As expected I was very good at it. Surprising then to find out this is not a good thing. Almost as surprising as realising you cant be #internationalbarfly on $35 k a year and expect to maintain an adequate lifestyle for the other 11 months. As such future solo trips to USA are on hold for now or at least until I hit 60 or die of boredom before hand. I will still some travel in Australia as I have a loyal and devoted fan base who , at times, derive a single purpose for waking up the next day in hope there will be a new blog. It will also give me a chance to test a well worn excuse ” but dear its just as cheap to travel overseas as in Australia” . All joshing aside this is actually true once you factor in currency conversion and of course ignore cost of flights. Major cities in Aussie land are a rip off for accommodation et al . First trip will be in August this year down around Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley way. International may be removed but the barfly will get a workout trust me.

Looks like the Hillary Trump show coming up although still may be a twist in the tail. I just love watching Trumpy Von Trumpster try to act “all presidential” now for 95% of the time but doesnt take much to release the Kraken. Its not a convention you want to miss. Interesting , as Spacey pointed out, that once again House of Cards foresaw a real event (contested convention) in their recent fourth season. Fun times ahead and Jon Stewart must be kicking himself

In TV land the excellent Better Call Saul finished its second season with the looming question being how soon does Jimmy become Saul? It may not have the scope of Breaking Bad but it certainly has great story telling and superb cinematography. Girls was a good season while Broad City is an acquired taste maybe but well worth the effort. Brooklyn 99 continues to mostly amuse and Good Wife winds down to its inevitable end. Blacklist gets sillier every week but still strangely watchable but only because of Spader. Some great shows like Americans and Line of Duty percolating along and waiting for season end watches

Great to see the first hint of winter coming and no I dont mean GOT Season 6 next week! The first hint for me is shoulder pain usually starting early in morning followed by an increasing difficulty in getting out of bed. I think my “arthritic meter” would be way more accurate than any weather forecast. Maybe an app there ? Qld winters are of course glorious ,if brief, so enjoy it when it comes because it wont be hanging around for long. That reminds me of a great meme saw this morning and how some things hang around while the best are taken from us


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