ABD – The Final Washup

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Travel

Qantas flight left NYC a little late but I was feeling no pain and we made up time in the air.




There are 36 PE seats available of which only about 10 were occupied. Including the one next to me of course! BC was full, so dont really understand why more people dont upgrade to PE for the trip as far superior product to economy and relatively good value. Anyway as soon as left ground could move around but the guy next to me was quicker and got up first 🙂 Arrived in LAX on time and so went to lounge and even had a shower. Next time I will use the designated cubicles. Didnt need anything to eat or drink at that time of night trust me. The Qantas flight to Brisbane is always a full one and boards early and then sits on tarmac for 60 minutes. Had a Chatty Cathy (MALE, the worst kind) next to me and that was ok for a start but 20 minutes is my limit so then opined “Gee with the Qantas safety record one of these has to fall out of the sky soon eh” with my most hopeful grin. He shut up. On a side note, it is pretty clear that the old days of chicky babes as hosties are long gone – as is that term no doubt. This is not a complaint as the service and attitude is generally excellent although pretty sure I saw my mother serving in Economy and she was still dishing out the LA Dinner as we flew over Straddie at 6:45 am! Arrived in Brisvegas on time and it is a fairly smooth move through Customs etc. My sweet CLP was there to pick me up and before you could say “Straighten my Banana” I was first in Nambour and then sweating in Maryhole before afternoon tea. So some final thoughts on USA as may never return. Yeah right

1. USA is a great destination although one needs to factor in conversion rate. The people are generally friendly and helpful and service uniformly excellent

2. Dallas was an interesting place and would love to explore Texas more as realise Dallas is not all that reflective. Dealey Plaza was one of those surreal places to visit

3. Washington has some of the most iconic monuments to visit but not a lot else so about 5 days is enough. I do not get to explore the dining options much as a solo traveller

4. Boston is a great town to walk around and a great drinking/eating town with plenty options.

5. May finally be over NYC but really it is a must visit for any first timers and a very high energy city with its own vibe. I had no energy left by time I got there

6. The three day trips I did were great and the commuter rail works very well. Always consider a day trip when visiting a big city for several days

7. All public transport is very efficient in all cities and first thing one should do is download the local official “Transport app”. The next thing to check on is a the place you are staying at has a functioning shower as sometimes you get up close and personal for extended periods

8. Segway still remains the best way to see a new city and have to say never had a bad “foodie” tour either

9. See as many sporting stadiums as you can in the cities as they have so much history

10. Weather is totally unpredictable. Do your research but prepare for all possibilites. In winter dress in layers because they have THERMONUCLEAR HEATERS everyfuckingwhere.

11. VRBO remains an excellent option for accomodation (if legal in said city) but they do gouge you with fees and conversion rates. If you can deal directly with owner do so

12. Pubs are easy places to sit at if solo traveller and often get a very reasonable, if slightly unhealthy, meal.

13. The “sales tax” system and currency in general is a pain. Follow Aussieland and drop the small stuff. Best to use cards I suggest but always been a cash man. Just like the bulge in my pants of a big wad.

3 solo trips have been great but maybe enough. Time to see a bit more of Australia methinks but like an old woman I retain right to change my mind

Afterall we have great coffee and still serve beer last time I checked

Later dudes and dudettes

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