Lets Pray All Together Now

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Back in the land of bananas and winning State of Origin teams for almost a week now and the body clock almost back to normal. Sadly it is a Grandfather clock so still wakes up at 4 am, looks at the body and realises it wasnt just a nightmare and wonders what the little hand is doing.

Speaking of little hands , what about Trump, D eh. Now, when in USA and watching this nonsense on TV it kinda makes sense because you then head out and mix with The Walking Braindead on the streets. Back home, twice removed you just scratch your head and wonder how can this be. Anyone who ever complained about ABC bias needs to watch Fox News in America. It seems almost impossible to get unbiased reporting but the difference I see is most of the Democrat fans are the satirical programmes like Colbert, Noah, Oliver so they are usually taking the piss anyway. Every now and again though you see that even they cant see any humour in this try as they might and frustration bubbles to the surface. FNC just has a line up of Stooges with maybe O’Reilly the least insufferable but Hannity the worst. Caught a bit of his interview with Trump last night but couldnt see his face as he was on his knees with his head in Trumps lap doing something. It was a town hall with the faithful – as happens on both sides – but he just never answers a question with any detail. “Oh they will pay for the wall trust me” Rapturous applause, no follow up. “We will have the strongest military ever and wipe out every enemy” Rapturous applause, no follow up “I will get smart people in and we will fix the economy” Rapturous applause, no follow up. It is both amusing to a degree but scary because whoever is running USA does impact us and the rest of the world. While most still never see him getting to the final prize I have watched House of Cards so know what can happen at national conventions! Really would be an FU. Start praying now

Which is the segue of course for the genuinely sad news of the week. Nancy Reagan only made it 94. No, not that and I do get sick and tired of the angst expressed when someone, regardless of how significant their achievements may have been, is mourned day and night when they were basically just wasting oxygen anyway at that age. By all means celebrate their life – ala George Martin – but spare me the prolonged sadness or at least save it up because there are plenty of things in this world to grieve over and celebrity deaths are very rarely included. However , the passing of Jon English at 66 was sad. Not baby seal sad but still enough to take pause as you grew up with him to a degree. From early days in JC to any number of memorable songs. He toured regularly too, even to Maryhole and obviously loved performing on stage. But the strongest memory was the show All Together Now which if nothing else introduced the world to that amazing weather guy on the Today Show. Rebecca was still looking hot too and some fun supporting cast. Not sure if still holds up today so will track down an old episode on You Tube and see. In the meantime, enjoy

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