ABD – Day 19 – Homeward Bound

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Travel

Me and Little Marco feeling reflective

( On a side note the GOP debates are embarrassing for mankind period)

So the time has come to bid farewell to USA once more and while I never say never at this stage do not see another solo trip here in my future . I love all things US and have enjoyed all trips but maybe Old Whiskers is trying to tell me something. I have been sick the whole 3 weeks, not totally debilitating but certainly annoying. At my sickest on my birthday in lousy weather .I missed out on the central goal of visiting White House. Weather has been nothing like last year with no snow at all .( Thanks Al Gore ) And the icing on the cake so to speak was that my half hearted effort to upgrade to BC on first leg failed miserably. No wrist slitting though please fans as still have Premium Economy to struggle through πŸ™‚

As always it is a long day until you actually fly out at 6 pm. Did wake up to a very light powdering of snow which at this stage simply limits options for filling in the few hours before catching the LIRR train at midday. It was very cold so the on site diner appropriately called Tick Tock seems like the sort of place trakkies would not look out of place at 630 am . Sweet .





Damn I was overdressed . Mind you the elastic waist will not be wasted after that breakfast . Back to room for a bit and see if can get out for a walk a bit later. Ok, how about a quick walk around the block


Did pick up my LIRR ticket and metro card so have the routine down pat to get to JFK. Main reason for picking this hotel was proximity to Penn Station. All went smoothly and Simply best way to get to JFK from downtown for $12. Arrived way to early so sat for an hour before Qantas opened check in. No late surprises with late upgrades πŸ‘΄πŸ» . The security check here is very slow but not because of over vigorous checking which I understand but because ” workers” always slip in before you . 8 people in front of me and it took 15 minutes to get through . I was lucky to get to the BA lounge with only 3.5 hrs before boarding! Now from memory, which could be blurred, this is not great for eating but is for drinking. I especially like the help yourself beer taps. The food is still ordinary but I shan’t miss out . Better sign off from USA now as this could get ugly . As always there have been many highlights and in a month or two will no doubt start pining but will try and stay strong .

I could live to 100 after all with all the preservatives I take on board !





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